Инна Маликова с размахом отметила свое сорокалетие The singer staged a lavish party for friends. Soloist ensemble “New Samotsvety” does not believe in omen, prescribing not to celebrate this round date. Inna Malikova and her numerous guests were entertained in the fashionable capital restaurant.

      Sister of the famous singer Dmitry Malikov, the singer Inna Malikova on the first day of the new year was forty years old. The artist was not to cancel the celebration, or to transfer it at a later date, and gathered their friends and relatives a day.

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      A luxurious party on the occasion of his birthday Inna Malikova staged in the fashion capital restaurant La Maree. To congratulate the singer with the round date came her family and friends. Among the guests of the evening was Dmitry Malikov with his wife Elena and daughter Stephanie, the singer Valeria and her husband, producer Joseph Prigogine, the actress Anna Gorshkova, TV presenter Valdis Pelsh and his wife Svetlana, designer Emma Salimova and others.

      The adorable birthday girl and her friends shared photos and videos taken during the festival, so fans of Inna Malikova was a great opportunity to feel incredibly warm and fun atmosphere of the party.

      “Joy – full pants – wrote in the microblog Inna Malikova. – Thank you all for this magical day! Thank you beloved restaurant. Thank you to my friends and family, who could in this difficult day to be with me, and those who couldn’t, but who just remembered and called or texted a few words.”

      In his birthday the singer looked adorable and very elegant. Inna has chosen for celebration black dress that accentuates her figure. And those who do not know what the date was celebrated this young beauty, I would never have guessed that she was already forty years old. This fact drew the attention of the fans Malikova, congratulating her with her birthday in a microblog. Inna Malikova struck toned figure in a bikini

      “Indeed, congratulations! You are adorable in your 18”, “Well, just a girl!” “Such a happy and beautiful Inna! Happy birthday”, “Pretty woman Inna, you are so lucky! Congratulations!”, “You’re so pathetic! Happy birthday!”, “Love, happiness, luck, inspiration. Stay with us same unrealistic beauty and good” – such comments leave Inna Malikova its numerous subscribers.

      It is worth noting that the singer has repeatedly said that it has not yet resorted to the help of plastic surgeons. Her youthful appearance is the result of a healthy lifestyle and proper exercise.