Никита Пресняков закатил вечеринку в особняке Пугачевой на Истре Young people posed in front of portraits of prima donnas. Friends Nikita Presnyakov and his girlfriend Alena Krasnova celebrated the New year in the house of Alla, which not so long ago she gave her grandson. Fun company frolicked, warm up in the sauna and swim in the pool.

      The eldest grandson of Alla Pugacheva Nikita Presnyakov and his girlfriend Alena Krasnova welcomed the New year in a noisy group of friends that the young man was invited to the mansion of his grandmother in Istria.

      In his famous cottage in Small Berezhki prima Donna no longer lives, and according to some information there now is hosting her grandson Nikita, loves a fun party. Here and in the New year the youth gathered in the house of Alla, was a blast. However, the Nikita Presnyakov yet no one with the fun party is not shared. He did his girlfriend Alena Krasnova and her friends. Thanks for the pictures girls publish on Twitter, you can get an idea of how incendiary was the holiday in the famous mansion in Istria.

      In a spacious house gathered about twenty people. A noisy company were fun and did a lot of posing in the living room on the Christmas tree, tapestries and portraits of former mistresses of the mansion of Alla Pugacheva.

      “Was celebrated in the Museum?” commented one of the pictures a friend of members of the party, hinting at a truly Royal splendor of the interior.

      In the program of the festive evening, judging by the photos in microblogs, included a visit to the baths and relax at the pool.

      It is worth noting that a luxury dacha on the Istra has an area of a thousand square meters and is located on a plot of fifty acres. The house has a spacious rooms, huge hall with fireplace, where the Diva once took friends, multiple bedrooms, guest rooms. There is a sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, access to a private beach and a small Marina.

      By the way, the eldest grandson of Alla Pugacheva in Small Berezhki spent all my childhood. A couple of years ago he met his current girlfriend Alain Krasnov. The house of the parents of a friend of Nikita Presnyakov is a short distance from the mansion of Alla.

      About the parties, which here periodically arranges a musician, I know all the villagers. Nikita Presnyakov throws parties in the house Pugacheva

      But the old-timers of the village, just happy to have such a neighbor. The heir to the well-known family behaves modestly. “Nikita is a very decent boy. God grant that all the young people were so,” – said in a TV interview one of the neighbors of Alla.