«У Доктора Лизы тоже случались моменты слабости»: близкие о Елизавете Глинке Friends told me what it was. Nine days passed since the tragedy that claimed the life of the Director of “Fair help”. Dr. Lisa flew on the Tu-154 plane, which crashed over the Black sea on December 25.

      «У Доктора Лизы тоже случались моменты слабости»: близкие о Елизавете Глинке

      Dr. Lisa p., mother, Fearless, independent, wise. It is impossible to list all the names and epithets which support minuut died 25 December in a plane crash over the Black sea Elizabeth Glinka. The news of the plane crash Tu-154, defense, EN route from Adler to the Syrian base Hamim, shook the country. On Board – the performers of the Alexandrov Ensemble, film crew TV channels, and also Director of the “Fair use” Dr. Lisa. She was transported to Latakia medicines.

      “Tomorrow we fly to Donetsk, then in Syria, we are never sure what will come back out alive…” – these words Elizabeth said on December 8 in the Kremlin, after he received from Vladimir Putin, the state prize for his human rights activities. “She’ll finally deserve. Love. To Syria do not go!” – wrote her social network friend, Anton Krasovsky. But Glinka was just listening to the heart. She was ready to die for wards. But there were moments when strong Dr. Lisa and most needed a reliable shoulder support. Such moments of “StarHit” to tell the relatives of Elizabeth. The son of the deceased Dr. Lisa: “I Love you, mom…”

      I’m around

      Glinka had a lot of friends and acquaintances. Having once in the “basement” to make room sivali its Foundation on Pyatnitskaya, many remained with Dr. Lisa for years, was infected with her enthusiasm, faith. Someone acquainted with the public figure on the Internet, as the journalist Natalya Loseva.

      “Lisa lived in the United States, but began to engage the children’s hospice in Kiev, – says Natalya “StarHit”. Long time, we communicated by correspondence. Then my son got sick, he was lying in the Morozov hospital could not diagnose. I was totally disassembled… in the Night the telephone rang, and cried out: “Losev, are you? So, do this…” Shouted loud and clear, had to put the phone to her ear. When the instructions were received, broke into a monologue: “who is it?” Hearing the answer, realized that now everything will be fine, “I! Lisa! Doctor! Losev, well, you give”.
      «У Доктора Лизы тоже случались моменты слабости»: близкие о Елизавете Глинке

      “When I saw her live, was shocked: a small, fragile, Sparrow. And at the same time – strength Panzer division. Of course, she had moments of weakness. Lisa was upset when she did not understand, condemn. Worried for my sons, their personal life, study, the fact that seldom sees. She was a fantastic mother, a dedicated children who impregnated them. Somehow she found under the pillow the younger Alesha poster “Hospice takes parents,” crooked hand-written. This was the shock.

      Was a very difficult period, when in 2007, was sick and dying her mother Galina. It so happened that while Lisa was not on the phone several times a day,” recalls Natalia.

      Mother of Elizabeth for several months was in the Department of neuroresuscitation Center Burdenko, in a coma the 4th degree. At the slightest movement – perevorachivaite on the back, for example, increased pressure to critical that with her diagnosis, the highest risk of death. And even then she’s not just caring for mom, and for a few hours a day spent on communication with relatives of patients, explaining their rights, suggesting how better to receive treatment where and when to require surveys. At some point, the leadership Center invited Dr. Lisa to find her mother another clinic. Then Loseva, making dozens of calls, helped Glinka to Galina Ivanovna remained in Burdenko. Natalia was always there, supported her when her mother died. They were friends until that fateful day: “the Last words Lisa wrote to me in this life, Friday, was, “that’s my girl, you did the right thing” and “Do what you must.”

      «У Доктора Лизы тоже случались моменты слабости»: близкие о Елизавете Глинке

      Large Laundry

      In 2009, the film Director Elena Pogrebizhskaya got “taffy” for a documentary about Dr. Lisa. During filming, she practically lived next to Elizabeth, watching her in everyday life. And one day was struck by a moment of helplessness.

      “On Wednesdays Lisa feeding the homeless at Paveletsky station, – says the “StarHit” Pogrebizhskaya. – Wore blue uniforms, which after each visit, of course, clean. Somehow she stuck the clothes in the washing machine, turn on and suddenly hears the phone ringing. Directly from the rotating drum Xia. You should have seen her face – confusion, fear, misunderstanding. We stopped the wash, pulled out the device, it doesn’t work. Petrovich – the driver and the assistant says: “we Need to fix”. She is shocked because all her life – family, friends, patients! Thanks to us, the phone was repaired very quickly, communication with the world was restored.”

      Garden in memory

      In the spring Dr. Lisa had to baptize the son of a close friend, producer Alexander Bondarev. But not yet… “came Up with the owner about it, next year will do, – says Alexander. – And if the Lord will provide, will be planted in her honor the garden. Lily of the valley. She loved them”. Once Dr. Lisa saved and the Bondareva – he was very upset by the failure to hire one of released its production center movies.

      “I was in depression – continues Alexander. – She took me by the collar and took him to Kiev to the familiar priest. The conversation with him did not help… last week. Call at 23.00: “I need help. Can find inflatable children’s mattress? A girl of three years old, heavy, bedsores. Bring, here’s the address”. Came, they say, the driver will bring, because I’m afraid to go, knowing that there. Suddenly she was out of the door, takes my hand and about will wear out: “come here!” P. Boudreau leads me to the room to the girl… Scary. By the bed, clinging to the back, sits a woman. Lisa me: “I will change the mattress, and you are the mother here, she always in the window tries to swing, when from the crib off… the Girl was only a few hours left, goes away.” Waited until it will change… and I ran. The baby died at 6 am. And Lisa spent three days in this apartment. All my problems compared to this immediately seemed nothing.”