Kate moss officially divorced

Кейт Мосс официально развелась с мужем

Free for a new marriage. As reported by the Western media, the famous British top model Kate moss officially divorced with her husband, musician Jamie Hinz, guitarist of the Kills.

Insiders close to the former spouses, told the tabloids that broke up the husband with the wife amicably some time ago, and kept it a secret so as not to attract attention to their person too much attention.
“They reached an agreement some time ago. None of them was interested to do a show out of divorce, but because they quietly agreed. Divorce for them was a sheer formality, and so they have not lived together” — said the insider.
Recall that Kate and Jamie have been married five years, but a year ago. The reason for the breakup was mutual jealousy of both. After a few months after the news about the breakup moss began appearing in the company’s 29-year-old photographer, who was count Nikolai von Bismarck, heir of Otto Bismarck.
The age difference does not bother a few, and the relationship developed incredibly quickly – in October last year, Nicholas moved in with Kate, and six months later made her an offer of marriage. And washes the lovers are already married to, but that’s the problem – the legitimate spouse of moss, which, if you believe the rumors, didn’t want to let go of his wife. But nowhere, nowhere Jamie – Kate and everything decided for them. When will be the wedding of the model and the graph is still unknown, but something tells us that very soon.