The cause of the disease Janna Friske could be a beating

Причиной болезни Жанны Фриске могло стать избиение

An old friend of the deceased singer Zhanna Friske, who died last year from brain cancer, believes that the fatal disease could result in a head injury that she received during the attack on her attackers in 1999.

Valery Sergeyev, the so-called PAL of the actress, says that sixteen years ago, when Joan was still singing in the group “Brilliant”, she was robbed and severely beaten by the attackers. Buddy Friske does not exclude that they acted on a tip. Then Jeanne just bought an apartment in Novogireevo and expensive car, someone found out that she has money. Unknown assailants attacked late in the evening in the Parking lot when she returned home after the performance. Then she lost her money and jewelry that were on it, and received a severe head injury – she was diagnosed with a broken nose and a concussion. It was from that time Joan began to torment the migraine, which, obviously, were the forerunners of a terrible deadly disease. Even more – that this is possible already then she said the doctors recommended regularly inspected by specialists.
That wasn’t a random attack, said Janna. She suspected the tip of one of the colleagues in the group “Brilliant”, which supposedly was very jealous of her success. Friske believed that the robbery is just an excuse, and actually the goal was quite another to cause her physical harm. Their suspicions Jeanne didn’t share with the police because she had no proof, but family and friends knew about it.
Former member of the band Irina Lukyanova, to which reporters asked for comment, advised not to direct shadow on the fence and do not look for meaning where it was not. It denies involvement of any of the participants to this and asks to leave a memory of Joan alone. Echoes and one of the producers of the team Andrey Shlykov, who believes that from a long history just want to suck a new sensation, although the sense in this.