Kate Middleton revealed the secret of her perfect figure

Кейт Миддлтон открыла секрет своей идеальной фигуры
Indian holidays have proved extremely useful for the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband

Кейт Миддлтон открыла секрет своей идеальной фигуры

Kate Middleton

Photo by FA Bobo/PIXSELL/PA Images/TASS

Visit of Duchess Kate and her
spouse in India has proved to be extremely eventful. For several days they had
incredibly much: to attend official events, to communicate with
the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi, to play with local children in football and
cricket. The Duchess and her husband
we even went on Safari in the Kaziranga National Park reserve. They were able
up close to admire wild elephants, rhinos and other inhabitants of the Indian jungle.

Incidentally, on one of
events, hosts, host Kate and her husband, decided to ask about
all that concerns their offspring. In
specifically, one of the Indians wanted to find out Kate her secret: how the Duchess of
were able to quickly get in shape — and after the first and after the second
childbirth. The answer of the wife of William amused the audience. “There’s no secrets. I
many run their restless children!” she said. By the way, as it turned out, it is excessive
the activity of the older child Kate — George — was the reason
the mother refused to take him to India. “This is absolutely impossible.
George is now too naughty. He would began to rush everywhere, and we couldn
would catch him. Next time, when he gets older we will take him
with you!” — explained the Duchess.

Overall this visit was
extremely useful for Kate and her husband: have a great trip obviously brought a couple
and contributed to the improvement of their relations. The fact that recently the situation in
the family was a little tense. This happened in particular due to the fact that
William was angry with Kate, leaving her with the kids on Easter holiday. Moreover, he is not just left and went
for a wedding to his longtime girlfriend Jessica Craig, who had been his first love
Prince. Moreover, it was already far not the first case when William was away from Kate
with children Jessica. That, of course, aroused the jealousy of the Duchess. Because she
do not want to repeat the fate of Princess Diana, whose marriage collapsed due
the fact that Charles was never able to forget his old love Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Photo by FA Bobo/PIXSELL/PA Images/TASS

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