Close albert Filozova explained why he was dying away from his wife

Близкие Альберта Филозова объяснили, почему он умирал вдали от жены People’s artist was buried in Moscow. Albert Filozov died at the age of 78 from cancer. The spouse of the actor Natalia Stotsky wasn’t there in the last days of his life. During the memorial service, she publicly asked forgiveness.

      Близкие Альберта Филозова объяснили, почему он умирал вдали от жены

      Today in Moscow said farewell to people’s artist albert Filosofem. A memorial service was held in the theater “School of modern play” where the actor worked for many years. During the farewell ceremony, the wife of the star of Soviet cinema Natalia Stotsky said the tragic words. “Albert L. was important that the last days he spent with the theatre of his beloved family. I’m sorry for everything!” she said.

      It’s no secret that his last days Filozov spent away from his wife and two adorable daughters, Anna and Anastasia. The artist died on the morning of April 11 after a long illness. Two days before his death he was discharged from the hospital, but he went not to his home, and to the son from the previous marriage. This fact has caused much speculation in the press, to the extent that the wife of albert Leonidovich just didn’t have enough willpower to take a very sick husband.

      In the Studio of the program “live” on the eve of the gathered family and colleagues Filozova, who tried to give his explanation of why after the hospital, the actor was not at home.

      Близкие Альберта Филозова объяснили, почему он умирал вдали от жены

      “When the doctors told me that albert Leonidovich will not return in any hospital, anywhere, you have to go into the atmosphere to their loved ones, loving, they told me, – says the Director of theatre Anna Grogol, which was nearby the actor the whole time. – Of course, the wife knew that the situation was so heavy, and she wanted me to take him home, and Vice versa. We, along with his son Andrew picked him up from the hospital. And she called and said, “Please, Alex, come home!”

      According to Anna, albert Leonidovich comforted his wife, saying that he was going to the son, that he wrote under the dictation of the text for the book on which it worked last time. Filozov really wanted to finish this work. In fact, it turned out that to dictate he managed only one day, and then there was a sharp deterioration of the actor.

      Each Filozova, actor Yevgeny Gerasimov made his assumption about the reasons for the decision of an actor to go to his wife and daughters, and to his eldest son. “He is so considerate, and he apparently protected them from their health, from its appearance,” he said.

      However, Rolan Bykov’s widow Elena Sanaeva voiced in a telephone conversation with the editors of the program a different version of the incident. The actress was also one of the closest people Filozova and was his companion at the theater. “The second, third he was in the hospital, where he was held for three days. Then he said, “No, keep him here it is impossible”. As he was thrown out of the hospital three days a turn is another matter. Why the wife did not take him home? She’s hysteria: “How, where am I gonna get, what I’d do with them”. Then our Director took him, he called his son, the son said, “Dad, come on.”

      Anyway, albert L. was always telling about how much he loves his family – wife and children. In him the country has lost a great artist who gave to generations of viewers a lot of great roles. Filozova buried in the cemetery Vagankovsky.

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