The soloist of group “Nepara” commented on the pregnancy colleagues

Солист группы "Непара" прокомментировал беременность коллеги A member of the Victoria, who married last year, already dreams of the child. Today in the press talking about interesting position of the actress, but it turned out that this is nothing more than a rumor.

      Солист группы "Непара" прокомментировал беременность коллеги

      Last year the soloist of the duet “Nepara” Victoria talyshinskaya married restorer from the Tretyakov gallery Ivan Salakhova. Fans gladly took the news. Moreover, many hope that soon the couple will have children. But now in the Internet appeared the information that the happy event in the life of Victoria and Ivan not far off and the 39-year-old singer is expecting a child. “StarHit” contacted representatives of the actress. However, they are advised not to believe the rumors.

      “I know that she had long dreamed about the baby. But the fact that she’s pregnant, I don’t know about that. We work together and if that happy event occurred in her life, then surely, I would be one of the first to know about it. So I think it’s not true,” reported “StarHit” Alexander Shoua.

      In turn, the lead singer of a very long concealed that he had a daughter. Parents protect the baby from public scrutiny for more than a year. The girl is very like his father in facial features and eye color.

      Recall that the duet “Nepara” became famous in the early 2000s, their sad songs. The team became famous for the hits “God made you up”, “Cry and see”, “Sweetheart”. The last of these songs brought the band good luck in the work and personal life. “A young man who brought the lyrics of the song “Honey” that was written simply from the heart without any commercial intent, without stars in the eyes and ripped off the roof over his head. And it so happened that the song is familiar to many” – says the soloist of the duet.

      For 16 years, the group repeatedly split up. Rumor has it that the reason of collapse was not only a new solo project show, but also fueled tension between the band members. Do not just Alexander and Victoria attributed to a passionate affair, and even a family life together. At the end of 2015 musicians the Duo got back together. “Nepara” is not just a project, at least for me, and I’m sure that for Sasha too. This is a big part of my adult life, I dare say, our brainchild, so I gladly accepted his proposal on reunification,” said Victoria after the reunification of the group in a December interview with “StarHit”.

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