Кейт Миддлтон похудела из-за ревности принца Уильяма Numerologist gave a description of the condition of the Duchess. The last time the British noticed the change in appearance of Kate Middleton. Many noted that a sharp decline in weight have a negative impact on royalty – she began to look older than his age.

      Кейт Миддлтон похудела из-за ревности принца Уильяма

      Media concerned for the health of the Duchess of Cambridge. Latest appearance 34-year-old Catherine on the people forced the public to talk about anorexia. Environment celebrity notes that the dramatic weight reduction have a negative impact on the girl – she began to look older than their age, but on the face wrinkles appear. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied digital matrix of the wife of the heir to the throne and shared his insights.

      The British are trying to understand what is happening with Kate Middleton

      “Life code Catherine – 303123 – says that she was born in a day of big ambitions,” says Clara. – Of course, she’s a very talented girl, she has the ability to hypnosis and intuition – the Duchess can predict the future. William, in turn, completely lacks intuition, his life code (2911257 there are no triples. The Prince is too gullible, and it’s not the best quality for men – over the years, it usually turns into unnecessary suspicion and jealousy.”

      The stumbling block in the relationship between Kate and William may be some quality of heir to the Queen.

      “The biggest problem of their relationship – complicated character of the Prince. Always outwardly calm, in fact he is a man of emotions. William’s feelings prevail over reason, he is stubborn and sharp people do not accept criticism. But despite its explosiveness, the heir to the throne – sensitive and refined natures. This combination of traits makes Catherine mad, it is not easy to get along with your spouse. Plus, Kate is present in the sacrifice, day by day, she is completely absorbed in the life of the spouse and children on self-care, she doesn’t have time. Hence the sickly appearance,” concludes Clara.

      Also numerologist could not be noted in what is now the state is Middleton. “Judging by life code, today the Duchess is in the process of energy decline. This period will last till her birthday on the ninth of January. All this time the girl necessary to be extreme careful, because at any moment can overtake depression. Kate and William in the vital codes missing four – which means that neither he nor she are a healthy lot. But despite this, fortunately, the royals no predisposition to serious diseases that can lead to death. By the way, it is likely that before his birthday, Kate gets pregnant. The girl needs to monitor the health of your blood vessels and kidneys – they have it very weak,” – concluded Kuzenbaeva.

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