Таня Терешина призналась в интимной связи с бывшим мужем The singer decided pootkrovennichat with fans. Tanya Tereshina said that she had sex with Slava Nikitin after they broke up. “Broke”, the ex-soloist of group Hi-Fi described sex with the father of your daughter.

      Таня Терешина призналась в интимной связи с бывшим мужем

      Singer Tanya Tereshina known for their maximum openness and ability to surprise the audience with candid confessions.

      On the eve of the former soloist of the once very popular band Hi-Fi started in the microblog in reasoning about the role of sex in a relationship, adding that not so long ago, are unable to resist the temptation, and fell into the arms of his former civil husband Glory Nikitin.

      “Sex, he does all the spoils, though, and sometimes sudden short-term happy,” wrote Tanya Tereshina. – Sometimes he is so not the topic, just want to say, “What was that?” Yes what to hide, we once in our ten months of “celibacy” is still broke with Nikitin and did it. And then I realized that we accidentally hit our live date in five years. Said in one word! PS Slightly lifted our secret. And why not”.

      In addition, Tereshina gave to understand that still continues to worry about the fact that she did not have a family with the father of her daughter ARIS. “Yesterday was a family day. I have a curve, but the hints there is still – sadly said the singer. – Happy holiday, lovely, happy celebrating!”

      We will remind, news about the breakup Taani Tereshinoy and Glory Nikitin, appeared last fall, disappointed fans of this flamboyant and charismatic of the pair, raising her young daughter. All of them hoped very much that the spat is just another fight that dragged a little, and the couple is about to declare that once again reunited.

      Таня Терешина призналась в интимной связи с бывшим мужем

      But any statements and has not followed. However, Tanya Tereshina, a little povozmuschalis in the microblog about the behavior of the Glory Nikitin, changed the temper justice with mercy, began to host a joint photo with him. After each such publication fans showered the singer with questions, not reconciled whether they Nikitin. Tanya Tereshina and Glory Nikitin back together?

      But as it turned out, the relationship of the former beloved support just for the sake of his beautiful daughter, ARIS. So, are all important for girls events Tereshina and Nikitin are always close. Although the girl remained to live with mother, Nikitin very often deals with the child and pays her the most attention. Sometimes the former soloist of group Hi-Fi is jealous of the daughter to the father. “When this couple together, I feel unwanted. And who of us she was being born?” – wrote Tereshina after the birth of ARIS.

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