Kate Middleton and Prince William have found a way to bring happiness to children

Кейт Миддлтон и принц Уильям нашли способ осчастливить детей The Dukes of Cambridge, recently celebrated five years of married life, love to make surprises to their children. Representatives of the Royal family heirs to instill a love for animals. They made a new pet is a little furry hamster.

      Кейт Миддлтон и принц Уильям нашли способ осчастливить детей

      The mansion at Sandringham where William and Kate live most of the time with their children George and Charlotte, has a new occupant. Parents instill in kids a love of nature and animals, so I bought of the heirs of a small hamster. Duchess Catherine called pet family member. In addition to the hamster, in the family of William and Kate’s lives, Lupo Spaniel, which is very fond of playing children.

      Three-year-old Prince George has already called animal Marvin in honor of the hero of his favorite books. The heirs of the Royal family are glad fluffy pet. However more delighted hamster causes in Charlotte. “When she takes him in hand and brings to the face, funny animal pulls its whiskers and tickles the girl. Charlotte comes to love and laughs!”, – told the Duchess of Cambridge.

      Кейт Миддлтон и принц Уильям нашли способ осчастливить детей

      Reporters learned about the “addition” to the family of Kate and William during a visit to the Duchess in the new London children’s Park Magic Garden. Catherine called for its Grand opening. The children joyfully gathered around the Princess, who asked that they called her just by name. Due to the fact that Middleton was a simple dress, she was unable to share with young visitors the joy of riding the rides. A mother of two children didn’t bring George, as the boy has excessive mobility and not always obedient to his parents.

      What mystery shrouded the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William

      Kathryn is very fond of children, and adults, the British refer to it with reverence. Most recently, the Duchess graced the cover of Vogue magazine. Kate Middleton appeared in a photo shoot by renowned photographer Josh Olins. The shooting took place in rural areas on the background of haystack and farm. The stylists picked for the Duchess restrained, but interesting outfits. In one photo Kate appeared in a jacket and white blouse, the other a girl wearing a striped longsleeve and strict black pants.

      Children of William and Kate also are often a topic of discussion. Not so long ago in the official microblog of the Royal family has pictures of the lovely Charlotte, to mark her first birthday. These pictures were taken in April in the house of the couple in Norfolk. Fans of the Dukes of Cambridge never ceased to be touched smart blue eyes girls. For events happening in the family, sometimes watching not only Britain but the whole world.

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