Ksenia Borodina boasted toned figure

Ксения Бородина похвасталась подтянутой фигурой After birth, the TV host managed to recover in the short term. Ksenia Borodina became a mother for the second time on 22 December last year. Now she can safely carry rounds things and to show a slim body.

      Ксения Бородина похвасталась подтянутой фигурой

      Longtime host of the reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina 22 December last year became a mother for the second time. She gave her husband Kurban Omarov charming daughter, whom happy parents named Theon. The first month after the birth of the baby Xenia was constantly talking about how he wants to go back to training in the gym. As soon as the doctors allowed the presenter physical activity, she immediately went to the gym to start to get in shape.

      Fans never tired of admiring the way Borodina manage to get rid of every extra pounds. But today she has outdone herself – she was dressed in a slinky jumpsuit and demonstrated a perfect figure. Fans came in utter awe of the fact that the presenter was able to quickly get in shape.

      “Borodulya-gorgeous! Umnichka, recovered so cool, look great, as if never given birth. She recovered and know that this is difficult. Keep it up,” “you look Super, Ksenia. Fast come in your weight clever. Health to you and your family”, “Very much, Ksenia, you in the leathers good! All live on the spot”, – admired the followers of the presenter.

      Not so long ago Ksenia together with his girlfriend Oksana Samoilova has developed a special training program for the speedy recovery of shape after childbirth. For long time fans didn’t stop to ask Borodina the secret of her weight loss. Now anyone can follow the example of TV presenter and lose weight thanks to her methods.

      Ksenia Borodina and Oksana Samoilov gave a glamorous fitness

      “For us moms, it is very important to look good, to always be attractive to yourself and your loved one! After childbirth it is not easy to force yourself to get in shape, but we can help you with this! And I beg of you, do not believe in any miracle pills, or I advertise alleged slimming belt” – said Ksenia to your subscribers.

      A special advantage of the new techniques she highlighted the fact, that can be engaged not only in the gym but also at home. And Ksenia and Oksana, as an experienced mom, I understand perfectly the desire of women to stay with your baby in the first months of his life. Moreover, Borodin and Samoilova took into account the fact that for more effective results it is necessary to approach weight loss holistically. They are included in his methodology a particular system of power in which a diet calculated to grams, as well as training in the gym.

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