Karina Mishulina stopped the war with his brother

Карина Мишулина прекратила войну с братом The conflict between the relatives on the father almost settled. On the pages of Karina of Mishulin and Timur Eremeeva in social networks there were photos taken in one of the Moscow restaurants. Viewers, closely followed the story of the children of Spartak Vasilyevich, congratulations to his heirs with the long-awaited reconciliation.
Карина Мишулина прекратила войну с братом

Karina Mishulina informed subscribers of important news. The daughter of a famous actor reconciled with his brother Timur Yeremeyev. Over a long period of time, the actress could not take relative and accused him of slander. However, the results of the DNA test proving the paternity of Spartaka Mishulina, forced it to reconsider its attitude to the current situation.

Timur Eremeev – son of Spartaka Mishulina. The whole history of the conflict between relatives

In the microblog Karina appeared in a group photo with Timur placed in one of capital restaurants. Children Spartaka Mishulina smile and look happy.

“It was a difficult path for me. A journey full of pain, misunderstanding, resentment and tears. But the good must win! And the beginning, I think it should be. P. S. All those who supported us – thank you! Who criticized me, thank you. You all really helped,” wrote Karina on Instagram.

Timur Eremeev also published a picture, which he captured along with his sister, in a microblog. “All – world!” – said the actor.

Users of social networks supported children Spartaka Mishulina. According to many, those did the right thing by sitting at the negotiating table. “There you go”, “the Most important thing is to be able to forgive”, “well Done”, “finally”, “I want this brother”, “Let everything will be fine now”, “the World is your family”, “Thank you both”, “Wow! Never say never”, “Be happy”, “take care of each other. You have everything ahead”, commented followers Karina and Timur.

Eremeev previously expressed willingness to make amends with his sister. He asked social media users to stop to condemn Karina and give her time to come to himself after the announcement of the results of the DNA test.

Timur Eremeev about the result of the DNA test: “Spartak Mishulin my dad? It was not a surprise for me”

“Guys, do not add fuel to the fire. I think Karin will be easier to accept it all if it will not be increasing. Let’s wait and see how it. As they say, acceptance of the inevitable is inevitable, commented Eremeev. – I will be happy to help Karine, I am open to dialogue. No aggression and insults, I think all will be well. I hope that Karina ever going to be friends”.

In addition, Timur thanked social media users for support. “From my side there was no malice. All this fireworks, cakes invented the First channel. I am very grateful they helped me, otherwise it would be difficult,” – said the actor during a live broadcast on Instagram.