Nikita Lushnikov about the suicide attempt Dana Borisova: “It was a cough drop”

Никита Лушников о попытке самоубийства Даны Борисовой: «Это были таблетки от кашля» According to some reports, the TV presenter, who recently returned to Moscow from rehab in Thailand, allegedly took potent psychotropic drugs. However, the familiar Dana Borisova deny this information. According to the head of the National anti-drug Union Nikita Lushnikov, the stars coughing.
Никита Лушников о попытке самоубийства Даны Борисовой: «Это были таблетки от кашля»

Today in mass media there was information that Dana Borisova allegedly tried to kill herself. According to preliminary data, the presenter took powerful drugs, but then realized his actions and has decided to urgently go to the doctors. According to journalists, the celebrity called for an ambulance under a false name.

Arrived on the scene medical professionals invited Dana to go to the hospital, but she refused. Apparently, in the moment of life Borisova is not in danger. “StarHit” has contacted a lawyer Borisova, Alexey Stepanov. The lawyer was very surprised to see the information publicized on the Network.

“We talked to her last night. It’s a working mood. Dana A. does not accept psychotropic substances, regularly goes for tests. She fights for her child. She is too expensive daughter. It has long struggled to break. Dana does not communicate with old friends and even threw out old things,” – said Stepanov “StarHit”.

The head of the National anti-drug Union Nikita Lushnikov, for a long time watching over the fate of Dana Borisova, has denied reports that she allegedly wanted to commit suicide. According to him, the presenter called an ambulance because did not feel well.

“This is an acute condition, she coughs and doctors can not make an accurate diagnosis. She was with the boys, came by the doctors, neither of which suicide is out of the question. The doctors were long with Dana, put a dropper. She treats everything with great skepticism, saying, “All bad, dizzy, not those pills prescribed cough that nothing helps”. Dana complained that she is given the wrong pills, and required a drip. It’s okay, she’s sleeping now,” shared Lushnikov with “StarHit”.

Later, Dana Borisova commented on the situation in social networks. Blonde published reference, which included her diagnosis. According to the leader, she was diagnosed with acute laringofaringit. Dana also added that shooting in the program Andrei Malakhov was moved to Monday. “Terrible, dry barking cough has worsened since yesterday evening. I drank a large quantity of medicines prescribed by the doctor, and felt bad. Called an ambulance, and I did the washing,” – said Borisov.

Before Dana Borisova announced that triumphed over the former civil husband of Maxim Aksenov. Ex-husband of the blonde demanded from it the alimony on the maintenance of General daughter Polina.

“Good morning, my dear! And here is our first victory. The magistrate 178th judicial district in the Ramenki district overturned the court order on collecting from me alimony for the daughter, Pauline, for the reason that I and so they are willing to pay. A huge thank you to my lawyer and all of you for the love and support” – shared TV presenter in Instagram.