Paulina Andreeva protected from persecution with the help of mantras

Паулина Андреева защищается от травли с помощью мантр According to the actress, she regularly faces criticism. To counter the flow of negative energy, Paulina Andreeva does yoga. In addition, she remembered about his childhood idols and told how he learned how to ride a skateboard.
Паулина Андреева защищается от травли с помощью мантр

Paulina Andreeva gave an interview in which he told about Christmas family traditions, favorite roles and his relationship to popularity. According to the actress, for her very important personal freedom. The girl admitted that she loves to walk around his native St. Petersburg and to ride the trolley, especially along Nevsky Prospekt.

Паулина Андреева защищается от травли с помощью мантр“I try myself not to turn his life into a pattern in which it all the time trying to convert others. About me write something, than I am not. Have to fend off other people’s projections,” said the actress.
Паулина Андреева защищается от травли с помощью мантр

Like any creative person, Paulina sometimes going through an internal crisis. “I am often in imbalance, and in disarray,” said star. After the actress became popular, she collided with the shaft of criticism. Detractors regularly speak about the activities and appearance Andreeva.

“I learned that there are really powerful dark side (the dark side. – Ed.) haters, a huge amount of hatred, malice, irritation. It all became a revelation, because I lived in his microcosm: he served in the theater, starred in the movie. Until this wave my pictures did not comment on the outrageous number did not discuss why for example, I tied my hair in a ponytail, not dismissed. And before this discovery I was much more objective and quite frankly,” – shared the girl.
Паулина Андреева защищается от травли с помощью мантр

Discussion critics Pauline compared with the energy attacks. According to the actress, she works on herself in order to cope with the negativity. Speaking to reporters, the girl has revealed one of his secrets. It turns out that it deals jivamukti-yoga – practices special. They are based on the chanting of mantras, the development of fine hearing through music and meditation, and Vinyasas – the complex of movements.

In addition, during the conversation with the correspondent the lawyer has told about his childhood and the ideals of beauty. As an actress, she was never a fan of reference Hollywood divas – Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich. In adolescence a future star, on the contrary, wanted to be like bright singer Avril Lavigne. Paulina even learned to ride a skateboard. However, the dangerous passion had to quit after Andreev struck on bruschetta Palace square.

“But I kept the Board! Sometimes just with her came to hang out to the Smolny, although he could only Ollie the easiest element. But I was there and felt like a girl from some cool musical group” – quoted Andreev magazine “abakay”.