Джулия Ванг шокировала нездоровой худобой The winner of “Battle of psychics” looks exhausted. Fans of the psychic was surprised by new pictures of a celebrity. In the photo, which publishes the witch, visibly, how much burst into her cheeks and haggard as the face in General.

      Джулия Ванг шокировала нездоровой худобой

      The winner of the 15th season of the show “Battle of psychics” is not a joke alarmed his fans. Over the last few months Julia lost a lot of weight. The photographs of Wang, which she posts on social networks, you can see her bulging cheek bones. Besides, psychic loved to wear spectacles with large glasses that accentuate the thinness of the face.

      All fans know Julia’s habit to experiment with hairstyles. During participation in the project “Battle of psychics”, she has repeatedly appeared on the air with colored hair or multiple braids. Now Wang seems, parted with long white strands, changing their hair in a masculine style.

      “How hard it is not to become what others see you. Especially when all your life you fight two “I”, one of which knows all, lives a secret life, and more convinced from childhood that you’re crazy, and you truly consider yourself insane, trying to mimic the environment. Once the second “I” will break out,” says Julia after the makeover.

      The microblog followers Julia surprised and wondering what happened to Wang. “Then it looks bad like something happened, hard to endure”, “Unhealthy thinness, like anorexia, “something she was looking peaky,” wrote the fans of the psychic.

      Julia Wang has many many talents. A psychic tried himself in the role of a perfumer, designer, photographer and model. She sells the dolls, which are highly similar to itself and repeat its stylish looks. The last time the girl is more interested in painting. At home, she organized a small workshop in which he creates his paintings. One of his works she had sold for a large sum of money. The painting “Two angels will come” is the first proizvedeniia Julia size 70×100. She admits that earlier drew only a little work.

      A psychic does not help people and does not conduct the sessions, as many of her colleagues. According to Julia, she can no longer respond to treatment. “Was this experience successful for the people who approached me, and unlucky for me. People do not appreciate what they are given,” said Julia in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”. Julie Wang: “In this life I have died many times”

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