Анна Семенович объяснила, почему отменила свадьбу The presenter advises women to always pay the attention, not to sacrifice personal matters for the sake of men. That is why Anna Semenovich decided to wait with family life, although her name was married.

      Анна Семенович объяснила, почему отменила свадьбу

      Famous TV presenter Anna Semenovich decided to try a new role. The star starts a series of trainings for women, the Bachelorette party Anna Semenovich”, which will teach women how to be happy and how to meet the man of her dreams. The program is divided into three parts: “How to attract your man”, “How to look gorgeous and How to reach that goal.”

      According to Anna, it is impossible to completely change their habits with a man. On Thursdays Semenovich constantly having dinner with friends and not going to change this tradition. It is important to have personal time, so she’s not worried that he had not married, although she had the opportunity.

      “I had a case: under pressure from mom and journalists I decided that we should get married. Started a relationship, the case went to the wedding. It would seem that everyone is happy. And I have this ritual that I do not change for many years. Every morning 20 minutes I take a bath. Unplug the phone, this time, I was there for the world. And once, taking a bath, I started thinking: “Annie, is this the man you want to live life?” And I realized that no, I will not succumb to the fear of loneliness or fear that I’m not married yet. And wait for the man I truly love, with whom I will be happy. And decided with my boyfriend to talk frankly. Talked and feel so good!”, – says Anna.

      S. gives advice to women on beauty and how to behave in relationships with the opposite sex. “To have your man, do not feed the energy of their “preprava” – let them go to past grievances do not interfere” – says Anna.

      Former figure skater admitted that there is some visualization that will help to release all the ex-lovers that they had not fed the energy of women. To get married, you can use roughly the same method: imagine yourself in the role of his wife.

      “Imagine yourself married – and put yourself in that image as dress. Only fantasize properly: not diamonds 8 carats and a Bentley, how do you change spiritually: become more reasonable, power. And forget about mom sighs on the theme of “I want grandchildren”. No a wedding ring is not scary: it’s not your time, teaches Anna.

      The main idea that lies at the heart of her training – don’t live by stereotypes, because they prevent to be happy. First of all, it is necessary to achieve harmony with yourself, and then come to an understanding with others and the outside world. That is why a woman needs a mode where there will be no violence on yourself, and sports training or tasty dish will bring only pleasure.

      “Our life is based on love for ourselves. The universe is a mirror roof. What is given, and returned. Will pose it disgusted faces – and she’s going to do,” explains the mayor.

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