Супруг Екатерины Климовой заговорил о семейной жизни с ней Gela Meskhi believes that marriage changed him. The actor is convinced that, after their marriage, acquired a lot more than lost. Man in awe of his wife and adorable daughter Bella. For a long time the artist was silent about the relationship with the star of screen and only now realized that the time had come to reveal all the cards.

      Супруг Екатерины Климовой заговорил о семейной жизни с ней

      Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi very reluctant to share details of his personal life. Wife for a long time kept silent and did not comment on any posts about the wedding or the news about the birth of his daughter Bella. The pair was rather quiet twist family nest and not let this space of strangers. However, after a time, the artists started to show up at events together, casual talk about each other in interviews and publishing pictures in social networks.

      In short, Klimov and Meskhi decided that it was time to reveal all the cards. Spouse star of the TV series “Poor Nastya” for the first time in a long time talked about how much he was affected by the marriage. If before the artist could, for instance, devote a evening obeniu with friends, now make a choice in favor of the family.

      “I just fell in love and was ready to do everything for his beloved – openly stated Gela Meskhi. – I think marriage has bonded our relationship. Before I could go out with friends to hang out – watch football in the bar. And today I don’t need it – you can watch football on TV at home in the family. So I gained a lot more than lost. So today we can safely call yourself a happy man. I have a wonderful family”.
      Супруг Екатерины Климовой заговорил о семейной жизни с ней

      According to Meskhi, Klimov, he hopelessly fell in love. The artist is convinced that this strong sense they’ll be able to carry through life. Gela admitted that he loved her for caring, affection and warmth that emanates from her. “It has all the qualities, which must be a woman,” says the spouse star.

      Ekaterina Klimova did not want to build relationships with Gela Meskhi

      By the way, major changes occurred in the life of an actor and after the birth of her daughter. Gela Meskhi know the joy of fatherhood and I am now convinced that expensive tiny Chad for him one can not be. Spouse Ekaterina Klimova can not look for a successor with any opportunity to talk about her incredible beauty.

      “Some unusual awe and tenderness to the creature. Remember, in the hospital, Kate said, “Look, what a beauty. Daughter is really pretty, angel. Although all parents probably think their child is the most beautiful. Now I realized that happiness is in our children. It’s a miracle that I love,” shared the artist in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.

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