Младший сын Тутты Ларсен впервые увидел море TV presenter and mother of many children got the whole family on vacation. Tutta Larsen enjoys the sun in resort city of Sochi. Here, the star will organize a fun holiday for little Vanya.

      Младший сын Тутты Ларсен впервые увидел море

      Tutta Larsen has long wanted to escape from noisy Moscow to nature, closer to the sea. Finally her plans came to fruition. The presenter was able to organize a great trip to Sochi, and all members of the family.

      July 1, the younger son of the star marks a year. To celebrate the birthday of little Ivan, the family will be on the shores of the Black sea. According to the leader, all the family holidays they choose to celebrate only with my closest people.

      “We will do the van some memorable gift birthday. Although really, at this age, the best gift for a child when the whole family together,- tells tutta “StarHit”. – Mom, dad, older brother and sister, two grandmothers and grandfather. For the first time, we relax such a big family, and it coincided with the celebration of the birth of our youngest!”
      Младший сын Тутты Ларсен впервые увидел море

      Undoubtedly, tutta deserve a break from work. Last year, Larsen was rich in different events. So, during pregnancy third child leading has launched its own TV for parents TUTTA.TV and went back to work almost immediately after the birth of her son.

      “I am very happy the long-awaited vacation and the fact that this time I can fully devote to your family, says Larsen with “StarHit”. – My husband and children are delighted with the sea, sun and new experiences. Although our youngest Vani’s first trip to the sea, a change of scenery is best for him. He actively studies and develops. Recently pleased us with the fact that I learned to do Patty cake and play the game “let’s fly sat on his head”, in General, satisfied and happy.”

      Tutta Larsen: “In our family everything revolves around children”

      After the holiday star with new forces will go back to work on his channel. The next season of television TUTTA.TV where discussion of the actual parent theme, will be launched in early September.

      Interestingly, the project hit home was born a little before her youngest son Vanya. The child, without knowing it, was the impetus and inspiration for moms and a whole team of professionals who work together with Larsen.

      “TUTTA.TV I feel like one more child, because it involves all members of the family, and he depends largely on our well-being, including financial. The project was born due to the fact that our Vanya. Of course, its creation helped his son. And to bring the van helps the project. Some of our programs often offer me food for thought and useful information that I use in the education of Ivan,” admits the star.


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