Julia spoke about the illegitimate child Konchalovsky

Юлия Высоцкая высказалась о внебрачном ребенке Кончаловского The actress commented on the situation in the family. Julia spoke about the successor of the wife, the mother of which for many years concealed from the Director that brings his daughter. Actress and TV presenter has made it clear that he has nothing against children husband on the side.
Юлия Высоцкая высказалась о внебрачном ребенке Кончаловского

For more than twenty years a famous film Director Andrei Konchalovsky is happily married to actress and TV presenter Yulia Vysotskaya. Despite the difference in age of spouses is 36 years, their relationship can be considered an example to follow. Vysotskaya support the famous husband and sees nothing wrong with having illegitimate children. The media personality gave to understand that not only her husband, but she accepted his daughter, born from relationships outside of marriage.

“My family had this situation – my husband found out about the baby whose Mama hide the fact that he was born. But in the end all was resolved well. Girl our. Dad loves her, loves. They are all well”, – said Yuliya Vysotskaya during the program “Wait for me”, which is recently.

Spouse Konchalovsky has not announced the name of the illegitimate daughter of a famous Director, but it is obvious that we are talking about the actress Darya Mikhalkova, which came to light as a result of relationship with then Director student VGIK Irina Brazgovka. The existence of the daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky learned in the nineties, Daria at the time was almost 17 years. The Director of the heiress said a well-wisher who believed that Brazgovka was a hard one to raise the younger child. About how she found out who her father is, Daria Mikhalkov said in a television programme.

The daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky told how he had taken her to the family

Юлия Высоцкая высказалась о внебрачном ребенке Кончаловского“We have suddenly started to receive funds, – said Daria. I began to learn English. Then my mom asked me what I wanted to do. And I then I asked her who my father is. She said that a very famous Director Andrei Konchalovsky. I ran to the mirror, to look for similarities. The first time we met with her father on the red square, the Pope was the Director of the concert for 850th anniversary of Moscow. and I sang in the choir. Mother took me to him and said, “This is Dasha”. Dad then approached me and asked if I was cold. In our first meeting, he said he was not sure that I’m his daughter and that it all it is very strange. And I understand it. She couldn’t accept this situation. Until a DNA test is not reached, although I would not mind”.

Now Daria Mikhalkova communicates with his father and numerous relatives in his line. But she has a big family – she is the mother of four children.