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Who singer 30 minute chase on the highway?

Olga Orlova with the owners found the dog

Photo: @Instagram olgaorlova1311 Olga Orlova

Olga Orlova last weekend deservedly was recognized as “very good” actress of the Russian stage. The singer once again proved that her love for animals knows no bounds.

She picked up on the track of a lost dog that could die under the wheels of cars. “30 minutes I ran after him , while ahead going machine not blocked the road across! Dog is extremely scared! But not at all aggressive! Barely clouded him in the car, but the car he knows, jumped at once! Who lost? Shorthaired pointer. The owner let me find it! Immediately looking for overexposure! — Orlov wrote in the microblog. — All expenses and food will take on for the duration of pristroystvo. Way to the clinic, all the tests pass!”

Later Olga had personally engaged in a search for dog owners… and succeeded! Orlov returned home a lost animal than unspeakably pleased his master — a little boy. “Well… tears of happiness! A story with a happy ending! Shorthaired pointer Hans at home! Anya and little Alex happy! I got minus 3000 kcal! Alesha shouted to me as follows: “Olga, come back when Hans run!” — shared happiness Orlov. Orlov rightly earned gratitude and praise people generously showered star.