Relatives of Irina Ponarovskaya told where the missing singer

Близкие Ирины Понаровской рассказали, куда пропала певица Artist have not shared the news with neither fans nor the old friends. Fans of Irina Ponarovskaya is not the first time sounding the alarm and trying to know why their favorite is gone with strips of magazines and television screens.
Близкие Ирины Понаровской рассказали, куда пропала певица

More than a year in social networks do not disappear messages with questions about where did the honoured artist of Russia Irina Ponarovskaya. Admirers of the star even found her niece – the daughter of older brother Alexander Anna. It turned out that the young woman is very similar to the famous cousin in his youth. Anna lives in St. Petersburg and works as a master of ceremonies. She assured concerned that Irina’s all good. Irina Ponarovskaya responded to rumors about the mysterious disappearance

“She’s not singing, doing his thing. She does family: grandson, son. She is retired, she has a rest, gets pleasure out of life,” says Anna.
Близкие Ирины Понаровской рассказали, куда пропала певица

Daughter Irina – artist Anna Chainikova also told reporters that the famous actress doted of a grandson. It turned out that every summer, small Eric comes to grandma’s cottage in Estonia, where the woman your home. In addition, Ponarovskaya periodically visits local festivals and events, and more recently helping her with the pictures. Irina organizes exhibitions of works by female relative in Estonian galleries.

Anna also said that the media personality left their own apartment in Moscow, a young couple and moved to a small home in St. Petersburg. However, always trying to visit and not to miss the family feast. According to Chainikova, the woman continuously walks in the Northern capital, went to the theater and exhibitions, but coming to light, is disguised, so as not to attract undue attention.

But the inhabitants of the house Ponarovskaya in St. Petersburg about the life of celebrities are not aware of. “I basically saw the mother. Well, here her son saw Anthony. Also always said Hello – a very polite boy,” recalls a former roommate of the singer.

The former spouse Irina weyland Rodd, a marriage which was for her second one, about the ex-lover doesn’t know anything either. He told the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV.

“I hope that Madame herself alive, judging by the way about me occasionally I write all sorts of good things. What does the son of a jeweler, he or stones – I can’t say I said so. I just do not know. I think, perhaps, it’s a lot of good talking about me, so he doesn’t even have the desire to see the Pope. – Looking pictures three year old grandson Eric jazz musician responds calmly. – No, I will not move him, that’s it. His eyes, such suganya. No, no, no. Not similar”, – shares his thoughts ex-husband Ponarovskaya.