Granddaughter of Vladimir Mayakovsky tired of the courts

Внучка Владимира Маяковского устала от судов The successor of the poet forced to participate in the showdown. Elizabeth Lavinsky openly talked about the unpleasant lawsuits that prevent her to be creative and work and take a lot of time and effort.
Внучка Владимира Маяковского устала от судов

Despite the fact that is known throughout the world of the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky is long gone, the trials connected with his name, is still going on. So, granddaughter celebrities Elizabeth Lavinsky working artist, in one of the capital’s studios, admitted that he is tired of the protracted judicial process.

“The Union of artists is building. This is a very inconspicuous building in the yard. In the center of Moscow. I’m an artist. Historically it has always belonged to the artists, I have a small room. Worked there son and my mother – a sculptor, also worked there. Mayakovsky had been there. In those time the building really belonged to the artists. Now there are constant courts. Because it so happened that it is as if the artists does not belong now,” complains Lavinsky.

Now she lives with her mother and son in a modest two-room apartment in Moscow. Heir Elizabeth gave birth to seven years ago, when she was forty. The great-grandson of Mayakovsky studying in the first grade: learning English and playing the flute. However, to keep the boy Lavinski have a lot of time to devote to work. She works daily in the Studio of a historic building: paints, teaches emerging artists. In her confession, she deals with hundreds of students.

In addition, Elizabeth says that Mayakovsky himself often visited these walls. Here in the Studio, hangs a portrait of him and even a death mask. “She’s always with me as my talisman,” – says the artist. She’s hard to realize that the building, according to the court, was transferred to the state, despite the fact that the proceedings have been conducted for more than six years. She told about it in the “Stars aligned” on NTV.

Granddaughter of Vladimir Mayakovsky does not hide that she is very worried for the fate of the Studio and their students. She reverently refers to the aura, which is stored in the historic building for decades and inextricably connects her with the deceased relative who became a legend. “Now comes the second trial. If you tell me to vacate the building, it will be a disaster, the end of life. Come to me there to engage children. There is a legacy of Mayakovsky and other sculptors who can’t just pick up and move. Unfortunately, you can be on the street” – upset Lavinsky.