Julia Savicheva explained why she spent a year in Portugal

Юлия Савичева объяснила, почему она год провела в Португалии
The daughter of the singer dual citizenship.

Julia Savicheva

Photo: Alexander Vasilyev

Julia Savicheva explained why she’s more than a year absent in Russia and the whole time, not breaking the silence, held in Portugal. As it turned out, to stay in this country for such a long period, the singer had not planned. Originally Savicheva together with her husband Alexander by Arshinova left
to the sea to rest and gain strength. She informed
producer Maxim Fadeev, explaining that she needs a breather, as incredible
a heavy touring schedule has shaken her health, and Julia Sasha could not
to conceive a long awaited baby.

“With a negative pregnancy test in hand,
in tears, I called max and confessed that he was in a dead-end
situation, — said Julia in an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”. I love the audience, their profession, but without children will never
happy. Fadeev listened to me. He sensed my frustration and said, “I love you
let it go, let it be so. Don’t want you to be unhappy.” And I, and my family
incredibly grateful to him for that. Max word did not say that
someday I may regret my decision. He supported me, as did all

Thank God we have a place where always
can go. Father Arshinova, a professional welder, in the nineties
went to work in Europe and settled in Portugal. When the opportunity arises,
Sasha come to visit him. In the vacation I decided to fly to
the plane. Probably out of desperation. And heal already. Two months we
traveled to Portugal, walked by the ocean, rode bikes,
overall, enjoyed life. A week before returning to Moscow the next test
again showed a negative result. This time took the information
quietly. The next day we went to the Mall for gifts to friends
and on the way stopped for gas. Don’t know why, maybe because a little
aching chest, I bought another test and did it right there. Watching two
second, three — nothing shows. And in the fifth second begins to emerge
barely noticeable second stripe. My eyes widen. I understand that the main thing
not to worry, but it’s not helping. Go out, call Arshinova, saying: “I Have
the second strip emerges, urgent go back, because I need
to take hormones. Urgent!” It flies in the car. I absolutely can not
it was to fly, so we decided to stay in Portugal.

Stood on the account in
the local clinic. Had several times to renew the tourist visa.
Of course, worried that will be denied and sent home. However, at the visa application centre
were sympathetic to my condition, besides, we presented the conclusion
doctor about what flights I contraindicated. The Portuguese doctors not even
had thoughts that something could go wrong. There were a few difficult
moments, but we survived. Despite some difficulties, pregnancy
was very easy. I was calm, walked a lot and of course, they did
music: worked with Sasha on a new album. When Roman asked where
missing his ward, he replied, that she recuperate and writes
album. It was the absolute truth, Max was just holding back…” the Full interview to “Caravan of stories”, please click here.