Anya chipovskaya: “I finally realized that it is not twisted pair!”

Аня Чиповская: «Я наконец-то поняла, что не двужильная!»
Popular actress told how all my life I lived without a vacation, and what came of it.

Аня Чиповская: «Я наконец-то поняла, что не двужильная!»

Anya Chipovskaya

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Anya chipovskaya, who played a major role in
the series “the road to Calvary”, which is now on NTV, gave a Frank
an interview with Fyodor Bondarchuk. In the Studio of the program “Cinema in details” on STS 30-year-old actress
admitted to the team she had to work to make it unrecoverable
a workaholic finally said to myself “stop”.

“The shooting of the series “ordeal” lasted
for almost a year, with two breaks: a month in the winter and a month and a half in the spring
says chipovskaya. — In the childhood I saw snatches adaptation of the novel with
Alferova and Penkina — 1977-wow, I think. And the novel I was reading
— in the school. When I Konstantin Khudyakov was offered the role, I
read it, but I’m not a movie review, because we have absolutely
another story, and we are completely different, and the way of life of the actors, and
frame construction — all completely different. Well, then, in some places,
I especially like, I tend to slightly mimic (laughs)
that’s my nature: I can subconsciously, inadvertently, something to remember and then
“to represent””.

In the film jet set not a secret that Anya Chipovskaya —
“iron” character, many even feared for her forthrightness and determination.
However, the actress says the “walk on their heads” — not her method.

Anya chipovskaya in the series “the road to Calvary” (NTV)

Photo: NTV

“I don’t have to be an armored car, something to tear
teeth, shove people with his elbows — told Anja. — I have my own niche, role,
I suggest, and I always take. And then in the theatre:
wonderful theater of Oleg Tabakov, where I serve, we have one person — one
the role we have no trains. Now I’m starting to think about it because
you want a smaller load, and I’m happy to have introduced someone to his
performances. Now receive them from 10 to 15, and for me that’s a lot. But soon they
it will be smaller. All solved.

This year I even was on vacation, though I
went to rest once in three years for four days. And this time flew directly to the two
weeks in Greece. And I was mad, I was happy! I calculated that last
just so long, more than a week, I was vacationing with my mom when I was 12 years old. And here
now, of course, was cool. I only on the sixth day released that it is not necessary
right now to fly somewhere to run… On the seventh day I was already in full
chocolate, and I’m leaving out in complete Zen, watering Greek earth
tears. And now in August I will go back to rest for two weeks, I
have planned! I understand that makes me happier. Understand that I’m not strong,
I’ve always felt. At some point I began to lose pleasure from
work. And my job is so great that I have no right to do it without
fun. It’s kind of silly. Then I could afford to find more boring
work and do it without pleasure. Therefore, it is necessary to relax. Not all
time to give, it’s a good place to get inspiration!”