Larisa Guzeeva commented on the victory of Timur Eremeeva

Лариса Гузеева прокомментировала победу Тимура Еремеева
The actor came to the defense of the sisters.

Photo: @timureremeev Instagram Timur Eremeeva

Yesterday in a live program “Let speak” the results of the DNA examination, according to which Timur Eremeev is indeed the illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina. Today, all the social network “Packed” discussions of this event. Of course, in the microblog of Timur there were thousands of congratulations that he finally whitewash their honor and can no longer be called “impostor” as it was called the Mishulina daughter Karin.

Many colleagues of Timur in show business closely followed the development of the story. Larisa Guzeeva, for example, after learning the DNA results, personally congratulated Eremeeva. “From the first minute, there was no doubt! Beautiful and worthy son. Wish you happiness and rejoice with you. Sincerely, L. Guzeeva,” wrote TV presenter Timur.

Note that Timur himself asks not to arrange magnificent celebrations of “victory”. He came to the defense of Karina, asking fans to be understanding to the situation of the family father. “Guys, do not add fuel to the fire. I think Karin will be easier to accept it all, if not will cheat!” — asked Timur to Network users.

Very soon we will know what the outcome of the trial between Timur and Karina. Recall that Mishulina filed in his brother’s address a lawsuit demanding compensation in the amount of 1 000 000 rubles. Yesterday, lawyers Yeremeyev said that the lawsuit was first withdrawn for revision, and after party Karina has asked to postpone the hearing until the announcement of the results. It remains to be seen whether the withdraw in the current situation the claim Mishulina.