Julia Roberts: “My children do not realize that their mother is a movie star”

Джулия Робертс: «Мои дети еще не осознают, что их мама — кинозвезда»
The actress gave an exclusive interview to the correspondent 7days.ru at the Cannes film festival.

Джулия Робертс: «Мои дети еще не осознают, что их мама — кинозвезда»

Julia Roberts

Photo: Splash News/East news

Julia Roberts in Cannes and remains faithful to itself. No interviews, gatherings at parties. It was enough once to go through the stages of the festival the stairs barefoot, so all talked with obvious nostalgia – here is the real star, such a long time has not illuminated his magical presence even the most starry and glamorous film festival in the world.

7days.ru managed to meet up with Julia after the press conference about her film “a Financial monster”. Basically at the press conference said jodie foster, the film Director, made a statement on the topic of elections in America, George Clooney, and Julia just laughed, whispered with Clooney and flashed his megawatt smile.

— Julia, why you took your shoes off?

George said that it will rain and I’ll probably stumble and fall flat on my ass right on the steps and stain your beautiful dress! (Laughs). Actually, I’m not the first who broke with tradition and dress code. At the time it was done by the actress Rooney Mara. She also walked barefoot on the red stairs of Cannes.

— One must wonder how. But will speak only of you, I suspect. Wrote, you think long and hard before agreeing to play in the movie “a Financial monster”…

— For me, the role selection is always based on emotions. I should definitely feel a pull, an attraction towards the proposed project. Don’t like to violate your nature. I need to figure mine or not mine. When instinct finally convinced that mine only then I agree. Of course, for me it is still very important when, where and who is shooting a Director. And it all coincided with my plans. New York. Summer holidays with children. And the Director immensely my dear jodie foster, whom I admire a long time ago.


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