Alexander Vasiliev: “Our Russian troops at the Cannes film festival was on top!”

Александр Васильев: «Наш русский десант на Каннском фестивале был на высоте!»
Fashion historian praised the outfits of the stars at the film festival.

Александр Васильев: «Наш русский десант на Каннском фестивале был на высоте!»

Alexander Vasiliev

Photo: Yury Feklistov

For several years our resident expert discusses the magazine the clothes the stars at the Cannes film festival. Fashion historian did not change tradition. Who excited and frustrated him this year?

“Once again I want to Express my admiration of the stars at the opening ceremony of the Cannes film festival, starts its story, Alexander Vasiliev. — Look at the Actresses: they do not get tired to work on their figures. Imagine how much energy and money they spend on their beauty! All the stars are trying to follow fashion trends. And one of the main trends this summer is pastel colors. So on the red carpet was dominated by celebrities in outfits powdery, yellow and pink flowers. And I can tell you that “Russian troops” looked at the level. Especially good were Elena Lyadova and Vladimir Vdovichenkov, who last year made a real fashion breakthrough. The festival de Cannes and the Academy award “Oscar” — one of the few events on the planet, which attract famous beauties in the fashionable and stylish evening dresses. Alas, life in the twenty-first century has become much simpler, much mundane, and we less and less can enjoy true luxury. Simplicity begins to penetrate even where it should not be. This is especially evident in the hairstyles of the stars. What to do, casual style in fashion. And that, unfortunately, chose most of the guests of the festival”.

The dress on spaghetti

“Elena Lyadova came out on the red carpet in an elegant open white dress with black piping around the neckline, which was held on thin spaghetti straps, the so-called spaghetti. Very nice and stylish. In the hands of Actresses suitable to along clutch. Vladimir Vdovichenkov in the beautiful classic tuxedo. One “but”: he clearly longish pants. I would recommend next time to ask to adjust their length right in the store”.

Александр Васильев: «Наш русский десант на Каннском фестивале был на высоте!»

Elena Lyadova and Vladimir Vdovichenkov



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