Daughter of the singer Maksim was fascinated by the painting

Дочка певицы Макsим увлеклась живописью
Star is trying to develop 8-year-old Sasha comprehensively.

Singer Maksim and daughter Sasha

Photo: Instagram.com

Singer Maksim follows the rule that if her kids want something to do, be it dance, music or painting, she will not stand in their way. On the contrary, will maintain and will give in the best circle. So, 8-year-old Alexander expressed a desire to draw. “He goes on painting. She had long wanted to learn to draw beautifully, so we’re given, ” says the artist. True, sometimes my daughter comes after painting and complains that something does not work. But still, she really likes”.

We will remind, in the autumn of the singer Maksim grieved at parting with the civil husband and the father of his youngest daughter Mary. Anton Petrov got married with the daughter of a Deputy by Elizabeth Braccini.

“I’m just a normal person like everyone else. I can also be hurt, and to hurt. And in such moments, I think people have to cry, it’s okay, ” says Mack. But I very quickly realized that it is important for children to see their mom healthy, happy and fun. They need to play hide-and-seek, read stories and just be there. Children should not see the sad mother, who is crying, suffering. I know that they need me, and I have a sense of responsibility. The most important thing that motivates me in all ways and in all things is love”.

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