Julia Roberts loses sight

Джулия Робертс теряет зрение

While the star is resting in Cannes at the film festival, insiders told the sad news.

For the first time in her career Julia Roberts has visited the Cannes film festival. The actress arrived in the company of his longtime friend George Clooney.

Fans of the actors were in admiration: such sincere and open celebrities, it seems, in the whole world! And doubly nice to see the actors and on the second day of the event, the more the company was the spouse of George, the beautiful Amal…

By the way, two beloved women of George Clooney on screen and in life, Julie and Amal managed to make friends. Posing for photographers, they held hands or stood on opposite sides of Clooney.

However, despite the friendliness and wonderful attitude Julia, insiders hurried to upset fans: the actress serious health problems.

“All of your friends simply don’t recognize her lately. Passers-by stopped recognizing her on the street, nobody realizes who is in front of them. In real life she looks much older than in the movies. Her skin has dramatically grown old, covered with wrinkles, jowls sagged, but most of all, Julia scares her vision. She now constantly wears glasses, but her sight continued to deteriorate. She sees so bad that now not gets behind the wheel. One day she was driving so bad that the highway patrol stopped her for violations, but due to the fact that she is a star of the screen, Julia was released,” shared an insider with the portal Radaronline.

According to the source, in 1980, Roberts was transferred meningitis, after which she suffers back pain and migraine, so she’s thinking about leaving the cinema. Representatives of the star does not comment on the news, but we hope that it’s just a rumor.

Recall that in late March it became known that the actress is pregnant!

“Julia and had no idea that they will be able to become a mother at 48 years old! But he and Danny are very happy and took it as a sign that the marriage to be saved”, – told reporters close Julia Roberts.

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