The name of the rose: Rosa Blumarine – floral new fragrance

Имя розы: Blumarine Rosa – новый цветочный аромат

Feminine fragrance with notes of rose petals will be especially important this summer. Want to know why?

Despite the fact that rose long ago recognized as the most popular ingredient in perfume compositions, the brand Blumarine till this spring has never released an explicit fragrances with “pink” sound. Founder of the brand Anna Molinari preferred a more rare flowers – the peony or Lily. It is unknown what caused her to revise the list of favorites, but in anticipation of the summer Blumarine presented for the first time sensual fragrance with rose in the title role. Bet on the Queen of flowers came true with a vengeance – perfume promises to be one of the most popular this summer. To this end, it has it all: lightness, delicacy and mystery. The bouquet opens with warm notes of bergamot, freesia, and sesame seeds, in heart sounds rose extract, white line and tuberose, while the luxurious train is remembered Oriental accords of musk, patchouli and sweet vanilla. Aroma is decorated in an elegant bottle with lid-Bud. In short, lovers of floral fragrances will be delighted!

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