Julia Menshov commented on the departure from “Tonight”

Юлия Меньшова прокомментировала уход из передачи «Сегодня вечером» The presenter answered questions from excited fans. Yulia Menshova was given to understand that the format of the program has changed a bit. Fans asking their favorite to come back, claiming to be looking forward to her appearance on the screen.

Yesterday in the programme “Tonight”, which was devoted to stellar pair Evgeny Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya, TV viewers had seen only one presenter Maxim Galkin. He has appeared on screen without his partner on the project Yulia Menshovoj.

This fact pleased the loyal fans of the showman, but those who consider themselves admirers of the ex-leading “Alone with all”, not a little excited. Account of Julia Menshovoj in Instagram was filled with questions about where she’s gone and will return again to the First channel. Because instead of the usual announcements of the program “Tonight”, Julia recently published in the microblogging photos from the holiday in Cyprus.

However the star was quick to reassure loyal fans: she’s not gone from the program because of the criticism of detractors. The pause is associated with a change in the format of “Tonight.” Posting another picture from vacation, Yulia Menshova gave to understand that to worry her fans about.

“Hah! In a week I’ll be in the air Tonight, alone, without max. Today, he leads without me. Sometimes we will lead the esters alone, and sometimes together too. And while I’m playing pool with the daughter who beats me outright. Taught on its head,” – wrote in the microblog Yulia Menshova.

By the way, a couple of days before the telecast of “Tonight” on the air Maxim Galkin warned on his microblog that this edition he will lead one, and the next, TV viewers will again see Yulia Menshova. Obviously, this message is passed by the fans teledive. But when she explained everything to them, the degree of their joy and glee is off the scale.

“Julia, you must have your own gear, you cool and Max cool, but still separately, Julia, look forward to your broadcast. This transfer is only for you,” “Julia, go back!”, “And I liked it when you were together gear. And we have to be honest – each time you get better. And that’s fine, just need to work together, to get used to the format of the program”, “love you Very much, looking forward to your style will be extraordinary, I want to see” – recognized Yulia Menshovoj its subscribers.

Recall that to “Tonight” Maxim Galkin and Yulia Menshova started in the new season. In the updated format, the transfer was first aired on 2 September and caused a very mixed reaction from fans of the popular project. Yulia Menshova then promised that the creators of “Tonight” will consider all constructive comments. Yulia Menshova has been an unfortunate air of “Tonight”