Janet Jackson has lost 50 kg after giving birth

Джанет Джексон сбросила 50 кг после родов

While pregnant with her son Issa, the sister of Michael Jackson Janet gained a lot of weight but after giving birth to a healthy baby, she decided that she would get in his old form and surprise the fans with her determination. It happened, and in just 8-9 months Jackson has lost 50 pounds, thanks to diligent training in the gym and the right way of living.

Джанет Джексон сбросила 50 кг после родов

The singer knew that one will not be able to cope with such a challenge, so she turned to celebrity trainer Flight Sibles, who promised her to get back in shape in just a few months. Their secrets Janet hide did not, and soon spoke in detail about the ways that helped her to gain his old form before the birth.

“I didn’t want to just lose weight, our goal was to lose fat and build muscle. I’m trying to convey to women the benefits of strength training. Many tend to think that this kind of load just adds weight and makes the body large and muscled, but it wasn’t true. When your muscles work, fat is burned not only during exercise but also after it,” said Siblis about weight loss its star-ward.

Джанет Джексон сбросила 50 кг после родов

But some workouts will not achieve the success came as Janet. On a couple of training sessions, the singer also stuck to a healthy diet. her diet was designed for before. As reported by reliable sources, the singer has shared the daily ration into 4 small portions. The total number of calories per serving made up 1150-1450. Janet completely removed from the diet of sugar (sweets and confectionery), flour, alcohol and processed foods. Instead, Jackson increased the amount of protein.Star began to eat home-made food and more likely to eat vegetables with fruit.

Another secret of the singer sleep. Scientists have proved that due to lack of sleep or the wrong diet worsens overall health and well-being. Due to lack of sleep people consume more calories because of what appears overweight. Of course, with the advent of newborn son Janet will have to ask for help, after all, to sleep and to watch the child it will be very difficult. But the star tries to sleep, to stay in shape and good health. Jann is sometimes allows himself to take a NAP for an hour at lunch to gather strength and to compensate for the hours of sleep a night.

Moreover, Janet is a single mother, which to cope with a child it is much harder. Father Issa 42-year-old Qatari billionaire Wissam al Mana, who insulted her during her pregnancy, were forced to comply with Sharia law and quit show business. Still, the star chose his successful career.