The young blogger told what questions tormented Boni and Chaliapin

Юный блогер рассказал, какими вопросами мучил Боню и Шаляпина The child attends private events and communicate with celebrities. Among the people who came to the Ethan kid for an interview turned out to be Gleb Drunk, Anya Sedokova, Victoria Bonya and many other stars.
Юный блогер рассказал, какими вопросами мучил Боню и Шаляпина

Channel 8-year-old Ethan kid on YouTube is rapidly gaining popularity. The boy easily goes to closed events, interviews with stars.

“I was born in England, but already 6 years I live in Russia, – said Ethan “StarHit”. – Speak Russian, recently began seriously to study English in the future will be useful. I live in Moscow with my parents and two dogs, Gucci and a, we were called to the family Council.

The blogging has fascinated a year ago. Begged mom to help, she agreed with the American actor Cary Tahawai, then with Tatiana Navka. First interviewed without a camera. When I decided that I’m ready, recorded the first video – chatted with Gleb Drunk. Honestly, it was a little scary. Well, not immediately sure where to look.

Now in my team of five people! Rehearsing with my mom, even got a producer Lena, cameraman, editor and screenwriter. I’m all for involved. Suggest that you want to add some special effects to insert, and then testing done or not.

I love to collect LEGO in my spare time. Want to build a house-sized one in which now live. Love football, the carousel, and to communicate with the stars. Already talked with Victoria Bonneuil, Anna Sedokova, Prokhor Chaliapin. Ask about everything – who’s hurting, they spend the money, what books I read… And recently my team has broken through to the birthday of Nadia, the daughter of Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov. I gave Nadia a toy dog that can move like a real one. My idol vlogger Yuri Dude, trying to overtake him. Want me to have a billion subscribers.”