Julia Kovalchuk tried on an outfit in the spirit of the Wild West

Юлия Ковальчук примерила наряд в духе Дикого Запада

The Russian singer attended a birthday Moscow karaoke club Royal Arbat. At the party, Julia appeared in trend and a very unusual outfit in the style of the Wild West.

The theme of westerns has become especially popular over the last year. Interest in the style of cowboys and Indians increased especially after the release of Quentin Tarantino “Disgusting eight”. Even the fashion house Dolce and Gabbana could not ignore the new trend and created a men’s collection in the spirit of the Wild West.

Russian stars also were not indifferent to this topic. For example, Yulia Kovalchuk appeared on a Moscow parties in a suit, clearly inspired by the aesthetics of westerns.

At the celebration of the birth of a famous club Royal Arbat Kovalchuk appeared in stylish beige suede suit. The set consisted of pants and jacket that was decorated with colorful “Indian” fringe. The image was supplemented with bracelets in ethnic style clutch to match the suit and brown shoes.

Despite the fact that the set is difficult to name a form-fitting, it emphasized an ideal body shape Julia. By the way, in a recent interview with the magazine “Antenna” Kovalchuk told how they had achieved this ideal form.

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