Keira Knightley defaced the figure of old jeans

Кира Найтли изуродовала фигуру старыми джинсами

The actress was spotted on the streets of new York in an outfit that severely distorted its proportions. Even celebrities with good taste sometimes make fashion mistakes.

Keira Knightley is not just included in the list of best-dressed stars. On the red carpet and in everyday life it has no equal on the part of the stylish images. However, even can happen to her fashion mishap. So, in fact, happened when the actress decided to wear for a walk in new York favorite jeans, which was obviously past its Prime.

Even the most stylish and harmonious outfit can greatly disfigure the shape and beyond recognition to distort the proportions of the body. Keira Knightley chose to walk frayed jeans-boyfriend jeans, dark blue sweater with V-neck and black jacket-a leather jacket. The way she finished the heavy boots Dr. Martens and narrow black scarf. Everything in this outfit is fine, but his jeans, unfortunately, disappoint. “Boyfriends” with stretched knees and tucked trousers visually shorten the leg, Kira two times and made the star red carpets of dwarf in the hobbit.

If the leg”stumps” don’t limit your dreams, suggest that you always choose the model of the “Boyfriends” with a slightly high waist and match these jeans exclusively shoes without tops or shoes with heels.

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