Julia discovers the truth about the dictatorship by Andrei Konchalovsky

Юлия Высоцкая раскрыла правду о диктате Андрея Кончаловского The star explained why rarely in films. Before he released the acclaimed film “Ray”, Julia Vysotskaya made a break in an acting career that lasted several years. In this regard, some have even suggested that the husband of the artist Andrei Konchalovsky forbade her to work with other Directors.
Юлия Высоцкая раскрыла правду о диктате Андрея Кончаловского

This fall in the broadcast channel NTV opens the 15th anniversary season of the food network “Eat at home”. On this occasion, the journalists met with the permanent leading program Yulia Vysotskaya, who told us about your favorite business and shared the secrets of harmony. The star admitted that the work is very hard, but the result is worth it. So, Julia had to move a lot on the set of the TV show. One time she even used to wear a pedometer.

“I saw that day of shooting can be applied from 8 to 12 kilometers. Now we are shooting 2-3 programs a day, sometimes 4 or 5, and when I removed the “Breakfasts” we had a record 20 breakfasts in a single day. It’s hard, but it’s still a thrill. Because you always have before my eyes the result, and this is important,” shared the celebrity.

The conversation went about acting Vysotskaya. Last year on the screens out the resonance film wife TV presenter Andrei Konchalovsky. In the film “Paradise”, devoted to the great Patriotic war, Julia played the title role, featuring low cut many discerning critics. For this the artist had to shave my head. Fans Vysotskaya look forward to when she will appear again on the big screen. During the conversation with journalists Yulia explained why quite rare in films. Reporters asked the woman whether is her conscious decision or he forbids her to work with other Directors.

“If this were a dictatorship, I would have never dared to directly say, on the contrary, would deny: that he even wants me shot! Never recognized in life, that there dictates… says the star. – I don’t know, that is my destiny. So goes my way. (…) The material that I receive, does not cause me an internal response, and perhaps the shadow of my husband makes a certain impression on the Directors – no one is interested to remove a foreign artist, everyone wants their work. I have little shot, but I have no actor’s despair.”

At the same time, Julia shines on stage of the Moscow Soviet. “I’m happy on the stage. In the trilogy, Andrei Sergeyevich Konchalovsky’s Chekhov’s plays I play those roles, which a student could only dream of” – shared the actress.

Vysotskaya said that she had quite interesting and favorite work. Yulia periodically receive offers to participate in the filming of “the restaurant” series. The actress says that a lot depends on the script, Director and partners. “While the topic for me basically filled, maybe if I end up doing, agree on an interesting culinary story,” said the star in an interview with “Home”.