70-year-old Victor Yerofeev takes care of pregnant wife

70-летний Виктор Ерофеев опекает беременную жену The famous writer celebrated the anniversary and admitted that will soon become a father for the third time. Respectable age difference does not affect the relationship of the spouses. Ekaterina and Viktor Yerofeyev look forward to the emergence of a lovely daughter.

On Tuesday, the writer Viktor Yerofeyev said their anniversary: he turned 70 years old. During a creative meeting with fans at the festival “Amur autumn” in Blagoveshchensk, the man told the good news. The main gift to birthday of Victor Vladimirovich will be the emergence of a lovely daughter.

Two months later, the beloved Erofeeva Ekaterina will give him a lovely baby. The couple look forward to the birth of a child and are in the seventh heaven from happiness.

“Your birthday, I usually try to celebrate modestly. See, I have escaped to you from Moscow. Can and closer it was to the country, for example, but I was invited to Blagoveshchensk, and it just looked right. Blagoveshchensk – the good news. My wife Kate gives birth in two months – is the best gift for my anniversary, we will have a girl,” said the man.

Erofeev is trying to support his pregnant wife and listens to her advice. The writer admitted that he feels emotions that he never felt before. Figure literature also remembered, as was present with his wife on the ultrasound procedure. Then he looked like a little copy of his father.

“The fact that this is my third child, and I can say, this is the first time, despite the fact that I love my daughter, who is 12 years old, I first listen to everything, perhaps because I really appreciate and love my wife Kate. Perhaps because for me to have the birth the life acquires a new serious quality. But I understand that the life of this devoce has already begun, we saw the ultrasound: she looks like me, same ears,” shared writer.

According to Victor Vladimirovicha, soon, he will travel to the French capital to purchase things for a future daughter. “I live in two cities: there are in Paris and Moscow”, – added the activist literature.

Now the couple choose the hospital. Ekaterina Erofeeva not going to go abroad. Fiancee of the famous writer plans to stay in Moscow. “We wanted to America first. But then I met with mark Kurtzer. He said, “Maybe you have parents?” – quoted by artist WomanHit.ru.

We will add that in Blagoveshchensk Victor Erofeev presented a new book “Pink mouse”, which is a novel, written from the 11-year-old Marusya Mendeleevo. Among the most famous books of Victor Vladimirovicha such works as “Russian beauty”, “life with an idiot, favorites, or a portable Apocalypse”.