Alexander Domogarov became a victim of the swindler

Александр Домогаров стал жертвой мошенницы The actor said that his former agent had received a full report on the finances. However, according to Domogarova, she passed the money in full. He urged his colleagues to remember the name of the former assistant.
Александр Домогаров стал жертвой мошенницы Alexander Domogarov has appealed to his fans and colleagues. He said on page in a social network that is in danger. According to the actor, his former agent for a long time was cheating on him. “The worst thing is that here and feed the reptiles, the house can’t get involved, but go near the filth…My house is,” said Domogarov. “I’m afraid that saying very seriously! I’m looking for a Russian agent! Wait! My filmography and photo departments”, – said the actor.
Александр Домогаров стал жертвой мошенницы

“StarHit” associated with motion picture agent Valeria Uvarova. “No comment. Contact person Alexander Yu. I have no review to give, I will not” – said the former assistant to the stars and hung up.

Later, the movie star said that the still not recovered after an illness.

“Well. Still sick, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, waiting for offers from serious cinema,” said Domogarov.

The actor is not the first time becomes the victim of a crime. Last year, the Alexander house was robbed. The mansion of the artist, located in Istra district of Moscow region, entered the thieves. Then the police, who examined the scene found that the actor stole gold jewelry and a few pairs of expensive watches.