Дзюдоист Дмитрий Носов опозорил «Бабий бунт», сравнив шоу с «Домом-2» Judoist Dmitry Nosov criticized the new project of the First channel. As it turned out, a famous athlete invited to participate in the program with the participation of Baranovskaya, Buzova, Shevardnadze, and Vasilyeva Abitaeva, but she had a negative impression.
Дзюдоист Дмитрий Носов опозорил «Бабий бунт», сравнив шоу с «Домом-2»

Bronze medalist of the Olympics in Athens, judoist Dmitry Nosov, was a guest of the new program “woman’s rebellion”. However, the athlete not liking the shooting. He was at a loss from participating in the shows. According to Dmitry, he remembered the recent sharp statement about the leading Yana Koshkina, which the man had to apologize.

Nosov said that the staff of “Indian rebellion” did not bother to understand the situation and tried to “give him a public flogging”. Recalling the filming of the program, Dmitry expressed outrage at the behavior of Olga Buzova.

Дзюдоист Дмитрий Носов опозорил «Бабий бунт», сравнив шоу с «Домом-2»“This begs the question: “who are the judges? Olga Buzova?” Started talking about plastic surgery, about those who are doing his chest, nose and other parts of the body, and all this with pictures. Olga Buzova showed this clearly with his breast implants under the dress, jumping with them in the Studio and going to the guest, put them in his hands,” protested the athlete on social networks.
Дзюдоист Дмитрий Носов опозорил «Бабий бунт», сравнив шоу с «Домом-2»

Judoka believes that leading a new project incorrectly done, allowing himself such actions. Speaking of Olga, Dmitry remembered another program participation. Nosov gave to understand that it was a negative reality show “Dom-2”.

“At some point, Olga Buzova forgot that is on the Central television of the Russian Federation. It was obvious that the gatherings around the campfire for several years, where she passed the fire, water and copper pipes, made themselves felt. She felt his element here. Unfortunately, in my opinion, she is not able to send its popularity to convey the ideology of morality in its absence. It has formed the Association that she was from “Houses-2”. And this turned into a “House-3”, – says Dmitry.
Дзюдоист Дмитрий Носов опозорил «Бабий бунт», сравнив шоу с «Домом-2»

In addition, Nosov was outraged by the issues that were addressed on the program. “Invited the men into gear and began to discuss feminine charms. “Very moral” topic on the main TV channel of the country. Started with heroes of our time, Olympic Champions, and has done breast implants… After this my first thought was to take a shower,” said Dmitry.

At the same time, the athlete believes that such discussions will take time. Noses outraged by the lack of “promote human and family values.”

“And what happens to us on TV? It is clear that many channels, and each has its own format. To be honest, the First channel I dearly love. I participated in different projects: “the Great race”, “Lord of the mountain”, etc., where we fought for the honor of Russia. In my opinion, the First channel is the main channel of our country. What we see lately? Observed adverse trend that scares me as a political and public figure,” said the man.