Элина Камирен: «Меня упрекают за то, что подала заявление на Задойнова» Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has addressed in office of public Prosecutor. Elina Kamiren claims that Alexander Zadoinov does not pay child support and refuses to help her in raising the child. Sasha has not seen the father for several months.

Elina Kamiren and Alexander Zagainov was considered one of the most beautiful couples of the TV project “Dom-2”. However, four years later, beloved and I broke up, despite the fact that in marriage they had a daughter Sasha. The former husband and wife had discovered the relationship between them.

According to Elina, Alexander for the year paid in child support a total of 25 thousand rubles. This amount is several times less than the minimum. Ex-member of the project, without financial assistance from her ex-husband, appealed to law enforcement agencies.

“I wrote on Sasha’s statement that he paid child support, after which many began to blame me. They say that made some cents? But it’s not a penny, and responsibility. If you don’t want to carry her, give up rights to the child and amicably break up” – said Kamiren “StarHit”.

Elina a year ago, has complained that she has so many expenses: utilities, Babysitting for girls, products, all this Kamiren used to live in Grand style.

This summer, the media reported that Zadoinov spends all his money to charity, so his daughter, he can’t pay child support. We will remind that Alexander Elina accused of treason and questioned his paternity. Couple together with her daughter underwent a DNA test which disproved the words of men, the girl was his daughter.

Elina also in his address said that the man is extremely rare with the child. Camiran, in turn, wants the girl grew up in a family and see dad more often.

“The last time Sasha saw the daughter of the 2nd of September came to us for a few hours. After that there was no call, no messages. He does not pay child support, but it is not even that. Frustrating another – why it was taking responsibilities for the child, to adopt her? Then give up the rights to it to our wonderful state awarded me the status of a single mother and helped in the maintenance of the child. After that, I will cease to claim it,” – said Kamiren in an interview with “StarHit”.

According to Kamiran, the ex-wife got the money. Elina argues that Zadoinov leads the activities for which gets decent fees.

“I stress that I don’t have any anger and negativity to Sasha, but let him take care of the child. And stop spreading rumors that I do not give him to see Sasha. This is nonsense. The door of my apartment is always open for him. I do not like lying. I’m on child support, we filed due to his eternal lies. He spoke and wrote in correspondence with fans that he is a good dad and takes care of her child, which, of course, complete nonsense. Generally, of course, ashamed that a healthy, strong man has to hide in order not to pay alimony daughter. But now I realize that the desire to participate in the life of his daughter, he, in fact, made known under the pressure of cameras – so intent to make the management of “House-2”, – said Elina.