Муж Елены Темниковой зарабатывает на ее гастролях According to some, the spouse of the singer has joined her team. Journalists reported that businessman Dmitry Sergeyev goes with his wife to concerts as her producer. The information publicized, has not been officially confirmed.

In mass media appeared information about the fact that Elena Temnikova started to work with her husband, businessman Dmitry Sergeev. As journalists, husband of singer has now become her producer.

According to some reports, Dmitry accompanies Helen on tour. It is argued that the alleged producer of the celebrity there are a number of conditions that it puts the organizers of the tour, Temnikova. According to information publicised in the press, Sergeev asks the same thing and his wife is a flight in the business class, Deluxe room, Executive car and benefits.

Temnikova Elena herself hasn’t yet commented on the reliability of the data correspondents. The singer, who tries to avoid talking about his personal life, a long time did not share details about her husband. Fans of Temnikovo knew only that the lawyer and businessman Dmitry Sergeev likes the special attention of the public, therefore, avoids to appear with his wife in public.

Only in December last year, celebrity introduced the spouse to the public. The couple visited the Russian national music award in the Kremlin Palace. Dmitry Sergeyev for the first time posing together with Temnikova photographers. Fans of the actress found that the couple look great together. However, according to journalists, Sergeyev looked a bit pinched in comparison with the singer, to which a visit social events – part of the job.

Elena Temnikova officially introduced her husband to the public

A month earlier, Temnikova and Sergeev called for the award of a glossy magazine about the stars. Then Dmitry chose to bypass the red carpet and joined his wife only at the table. A couple sat next to TV presenter Elena Flying, a close friend of the actress.

In an interview, Elena Temnikova said that is constantly in touch with her husband. According to the artist, it is so to stick with your loved one that she would never be jealous of the elect. The first joint appearance of Elena and Dmitry to the public took place on the birthday of the actress. The event took place in the family circle Temnikova, therefore, was of informal nature.

The famous singer has legalized relationship with the elect, who, according to the Super, with 16 years of experience in IT-business, in 2014. Elena Temnikova played at a wedding in the Maldives. This year was decisive for the career and personal life of the singer – actress left made her popular band SEREBRO. In 2015, the couple had a daughter, Alexandra.