Участник «Дома-2» подарил кольцо Ольге Бузовой Roman Gritsenko hopes to win the heart of the presenter. A native of Omsk does not leave attempts to seek the location of Olga Buzova. So at a recent concert celebrities the young man was surprised by her unusual mark of attention.

Omich Roman Gritsenko continues to provide signs of attention to Olga Buzova. Party “House-2” went with her on tour on cities of Russia. During his speech, a TV presenter and an aspiring singer in Rostov-on-don, a young man came on the scene. As it turned out, Roman decided to make Olga a special gift. The applause of the audience Gritsenko presented Buzova box with a ring.

Party “House-2” talking about strong feelings toward Olga Buzova

Initially, the star was hesitant to make her such an unusual gift. So Olga decided to consult with the audience. The audience recommended Buzova to meet Gritsenko and supported him with cheers. According to them, Olga and Roman look great together. The presenter thanked the member telestroke who kissed her on the cheek.

Fans Buzova said that Gritsenko is very serious and willing to invite Olga to marry. “Almost offer”, “Roman, you know how to surprise”, “super Pair”, “Olya, do not miss the chance”, “Fit together”, – wrote in a Network. At the same time, other Internet users have come to the conclusion that Gritsenko has attracted attention due to the Buzova. “PR”, “This kindergarten is definitely not for Olga”, “Want popularity,” “Makes the show”, “I don’t think she will fall for a guy,” was discussed by the fans of a celebrity.

When Olga was on the stage of the local theater, the hall of pleasure, she sang and danced to the beat of the music. Fans of the aspiring singer was delighted with what he saw. They also noted that His many works for the achievement of high results. According to Olga, the locals reacted to it very warmly. After the concert, expressed His gratitude to his fans.

“Rostov-on-don. Thank you, so many colors. I feel at home. So it was cozy, quiet and good. You are the best, thank you, today is a special day… Thank you, first I was greeted with the premiere of on the Ground,” said the girl.

We will add that soon will be released new video of Olga for the song “Wrong” with the participation of the American model chase McQueen. The star enticed fans with a short teaser in which she poses in a swimsuit. Video recording took place in the United States. In Instagram Buzova appeared footage taken while working on the roller. One of them, Olga is depicted in a sexy bodysuit. Fans of celebrity guess her new video is very provocative and unusual.