Журналисты спровоцировали проблемы с психикой у Армена Джигарханяна Old Director became ill after watching TV. According to his friend, Artur Soghomonyan. you can’t watch shows that mention his name, as his condition deteriorates from what I have seen.
Журналисты спровоцировали проблемы с психикой у Армена Джигарханяна

The last six months the name of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan regularly appears on the pages of various media or flicker in television. The Director also repeatedly participated in the filming of the gear, but most of the programs were filmed without him. Friends of an elderly actor trying to protect him from the negativity that may sound from the TV screen. Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, ex-wife of Armen Borisovich, often remember at the time of filming, they lived together, and also talks about the situation in his home theater.

“It turned out that Armen Borisovich saw two of the program “Let them talk”, – said a friend of the actor Arthur Soghomonyan. – Before that I managed to save him, he didn’t see not one program, although many knew of the stories of “well-wishers”””. But this time, he learned about the place and time of the show, I couldn’t affect it. After watching a second consecutive program, he first said that everything you see is a very low and vulgar that no longer wants to have these people nothing. Tried to escape, but a deep resentment of what he saw gave him no rest.”

Besides, the Director doesn’t forget the words spoken to him. According to Soghomonyan, such information is strongly influenced by the health of the artist: both physical and psychological.

“In spite of strong character and will-Armen Borisovich, all this could not affect his health. He spiked the sugar, then pressure, increased angina. The doctors had to assign a dropper and recommend complete rest, but a psychological condition, unfortunately, pills do not cure. Watching Armen Borisovich doctor strictly forbade acute emotional stress.” – said Soghomonyan.

A close Dzhigarkhanyan afraid that journalists are spreading information about it, which is not always the case, unable to bring the Director to death. “Unfortunately, we have no laws which could help stop this unceremonious invasion of privacy,” added friend Armen Borisovich in an interview with the publication Dni.ru.

We will remind that earlier employees of one of the channels tried to break into the apartment of the artist to make an exclusive report from him. After the incident, the housing of the actor taken under the clock security and full-time medical nurse.