Hot! Tata Mamiashvili became interested in Bikram yoga

Горячая штучка! Тата Мамиашвили увлеклась бикрам-йогой
Daughter-in-law Fyodor Bondarchuk is looking to find harmony with yourself and surrounding world.

Tata Mamiashvili

Photo: Instagram

Daughter-in-law Fyodor Bondarchuk Tata Mamiashvili carried away
extreme yoga, which is becoming incredibly trendy in the Moscow coterie.

“Not so long ago I started to practice (as
fundamentally it sounds!) hot (Bikram) yoga. Classes are held in a room with
the temperature + 40 C and high humidity. At first it seemed to me
absolutely impossible, but gradually I fell in love with this practice — and it was
what is the best thing happened to me for the last time. No
nothing better the feeling that you have to overcome his own weaknesses and fears, the feeling
pride for the work done.

Today tried three times to get to classes, two times
drove up late in a minute due to problems with Parking, unfolded and
left, because to be late, no way. And I’m late.
Self-discipline in action! In the end, the first went to evening class (usually
go at 11 am). Almost died — it was very difficult, given the
drunk per day coffee, of the accumulated thoughts and stress, but what bliss
experience at the end of practice — with nothing to compare. There is no such thing as
“bad practice,” if you were at the limit of their possibilities. It’s not
competition, your main opponent is yourself. It is important to be very attentive to
your feelings, listen to your body, to trust him, to be able to get rid of all
extra. As a reward I get a increase in endurance, and even visual changes in
body is apparent now, after a few weeks of classes. Feel it all around
— walk the stairs to running around with the kids. The body responds me with gratitude.

There is one catch: it seems that the daily
the classes you should become easier and easier, but it is not so. Much
depends on lifestyle, thoughts, food, sleep. And it makes even
stronger to make friends with yourself.

In General, I love Bikram for the subtlety and
the ability to find harmony with yourself and the world around you and share with you my