Rita Dakota spoke about the bullying husband

Рита Дакота рассказала об издевательствах мужа
The singer is trying to find a compromise.

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota, which is a real guru
the beauty and health, complained of “war”, which she leads with her husband
Vlad Sokolovsky. “Fighting” in a family of musicians takes place due to
the fact that they have on the table.

“Universal pain! Vlad scoffs! says Rita. —
I’m here sweeping away fruit and vegetable stalls, are all the most useful
to better acclimatization has passed, lean on the vitamins (Rita and Vlad, along with her daughter spent several months in Bali — approx.)
And the husband even in the salad manages to cram so much that it becomes
harmful! Says useful — tasteless, and I inclines to “the side of evil.” Difficult
after all, when he eats barbecued ribs, lavishing the smells…”

Despite the fact that Dakota is trying to remove from
the diet of his family, “heavy” products, to put her husband on a diet of her husband, she is not
going. And adhere to it.

“I long ago abandoned all diet because limitations
lead to constant thoughts of food, breakdowns and guilt, — said Rita 7days.ru.— Women obsessed with sweets
fast food and unhealthy fatty foods as they afford them
banned, and then broken. If you belong to any food the same and
rely on the natural setting of your body — hunger, satiation, inner
need, the selection of products would be the right one. Don’t you worry
about it, everything happens by itself. We call it “intuitive eating”. But
this isn’t a diet, it’s just the natural configuration of the body. As
children, many men and most of those friends witches who eat everything and not get fat.
I can admit that once, starting with high school, I tried everything
diet in the world, perhaps, can the collection to release. That just was not in my
life! Only a few years ago, I started to realize that it’s not working.
Quickly get the result, but not for long. So I prefer none