Ким Кардашьян стала тетей в шестой раз The sister of a celebrity gave birth to first child. Chloe Kardashian gave her husband daughter. Fans of the famous family around the world and congratulate new parents with such a significant event in their lives.

Today it became known that sister Kim Kardashian, 33-year-old Chloe for the first time became a mother. She gave her boyfriend Tristan Thompson daughter. The baby was born on April 12. The child was born in one of the perinatal centers of the USA. The expectant mother arrived on Wednesday evening, accompanied by mother Kris and big sister Kim.

A week before the appearance of baby Chloe found out that her lover spent the night in a hotel in new York with a girl from the strip club. Beloved Tristan was completely crushed. She couldn’t believe what happened and wondered how a man could behave this way on the eve of the birth of their total baby.

“She was not just hurt, she’s humiliated and worried about the baby, surrounded by Chloe. – How could he do this, and even so openly, when before the birth of her daughter was only a week?”

About the relationship of the reality star and the basketball player became known in the fall of 2016. In December 2017 the girl confirmed that they are waiting for the firstborn.

Chloe became famous thanks to the reality show “the Family Kardashian”, which was launched in the US over ten years ago. Television program brought popularity to all the participants of this project. The most popular was Kim Kardashian, while the year before her sex tape hit the net. Despite the fact that she initially denied the authenticity of the recording, because all admitted. Not so long ago Kim was a third child. However, she did not give birth herself, and with the help of a surrogate mother. Her sister Courtney has three children, one brother, Rob, Kylie Jenner’s daughter and Chloe made the wife of Kanye West aunt for the sixth time.

Thank the reality show allowed the members of the Kardashian family to Express themselves in different spheres of activities – modeling, design of clothes, cosmetics. And their mikrobloge watched by tens of millions of people.

It is still unknown whether the parents name for the baby. Throughout Chloe’s pregnancy was shared with fans photos and talked about the expectation of the child. As it became known PaxeSix, about chamber, where it gave birth to a young woman, the guard was on duty.