У Иосифа Пригожина требуют миллион долларов в суде Already not the first month of the ongoing trial between the producer and husband of singer Valeria, and composer Maxim Ivanov. He tries to recover from the Joseph Prigogine a million dollars for the use of his music to the song “the serpentine”, which the artist takes in his concerts.
У Иосифа Пригожина требуют миллион долларов в суде

“This man many years ago was willing to give us a tune, says “StarHit” Joseph. – We issued paper – the so-called parity agreement under which he was to receive certain sums of money of fees. Managers drew up a report, but he didn’t like the figure. Work, for a moment, lying on the shelf for two years before we drew attention to it. Words wrote Valeria, a new arrangement did Anatoli Lopatin, so it was significantly revised with the consent of the author. And now, after a huge span of time, the song entered the repertoire”.

According to Prigogine, this is not a superhit, without which no cost, no concert.

“The usual and ordinary story. What it is, what it is not… a Composer who did not write any more famous songs, is quite rude”.

After Valeria sang “the serpentine” in “albert hall” in London, accompanied by a Symphony orchestra, and amid a wave of trials of Philip Kirkorov, Didier Marouani, Ivanov suddenly demanded Prigogine million dollars.

Now in court the interests of the producer and singer is Sergei Zhorin.

“There were several trials, commented “StarHit” star lawyer. – One of the last ended last week. We all won. It is not clear what this achieves is the man who, in principle, should be proud that his song performed by the star of such level.”

According to Zhorin, Joseph tried to solve the matter peacefully, to negotiate, Ivanov, however, requires him to pay a million dollars.

“He’s already on lawyers spent a lot of money, but to reimburse the legal costs that we have sought him, too, not, – sums up Sergey. – So now for Ivanov closed and travel abroad. I hope that he will come to his senses and stop this senseless race”.