Николай Дроздов научил преемника спасаться от хищников Recently, the TV presenter, who dedicated To the program “animal world” for almost half a century and knows all about the flora and fauna, has announced that he is leaving his post.
Николай Дроздов научил преемника спасаться от хищников

Over time, the place of Nikolai Drozdov is Alexey Lapin, as soon as I come of age, now the kid is only 15. Meanwhile, Nicholas “coach” of a partner and preparing to transfer to brand of the Board.

“The first time I appeared on animal planet as a guest 10 years ago – said “StarHit” Alex. – I was allowed to sit for about monkeys, pet a goat. Then the Studio came Nicholas. He was such a good sight, no fright at the sight of respectable men, the main person in the program is not felt. Suddenly he said: “We will remove the transmission, and if you want, sit in the corner”. So I hit the frame. Often go on business trips. The work is interesting. Especially with such a mentor!”

According to Alesha, sometimes it seems that Nicholas is not just able to talk to animals, and knows the “magic” words.

“They’ll whisper something in my ear, continues Lapin, – and all have the trail in front of him, even cobras and Scorpions. Of course, a little scared that there will be one. Support Nicholas is irreplaceable. On the other hand, the program making a lot of people: Directors, scriptwriters, operators,… My goal is to develop the best that Drozdov brought to the transfer.”

“One of his commandments: if you know well the habits of animals, they have nothing to fear reveals a secret to Alex. – Imagine that you are racing the crocodile, do not panic and take a step to the side. Reptile can’t turn your head and pass by. And here’s a lesson from Nicholas: be careful in a dangerous situation, do only what is absolutely sure.”