Платье Татьяны Навки подчеркнуло округлый живот
The appearance of a skater at Cannes has raised questions.

Tatiana Navka

Photo: @tatiana_navka (Instagram Tatiana Navka)

Tatiana Navka is credited with a new pregnancy. Rumors that the skater allegedly is carrying a third child came after the arrival of the athletes at the Cannes film festival. She annually comes to the party, Chopard is one of the most notable social events held in the framework of the festival. 43-year-old Tatiana appeared before reporters in the dress with fluffy skirt, created the illusion of her “interesting position”.

“Hello again festival de Cannes!” — signed the Post one of the pictures, which can be seen discussing her fans of the “pregnant” effect of the dress.

Rumors about a possible imminent addition to the family of Tatiana were “born” out of nowhere. In a recent interview the skater has shared plans to become a large mum. She stated that she wants to give her husband a son.

But, judging by a recent photo and the skill sets with training, its rounded form is just speculation of fans. Just a day ago skater showed a flat stomach and took unimaginable poses to stretch. However, given the positive attitude of the athletes on the replenishment in the family, she probably will become a large mum. However, fans should not rush things.